Oct 24/95: Gustafsen Lake-Letter to Defenders' supporters


Ts' peten Defenders
Contact: Splitting the Sky
October 24, 1995

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the world community for their unconditional support throughout the entire thirty days we were besieged by the RCMP on our unceded land. We wish to thank all the support groups and all the individuals throughout Turtle Island and the globe who worked non-stop organizing vigils, fasts, ceremonies, demonstrations, rallies, and communications of support on our behalf. We also wish to thank all the native and non-native families and friends of the Defenders who continue to lend their support during this difficult time of transition and healing.

A special thank you to the Clan Mothers and all the Warrior Societies who were prepared to meet force with force had anyone been murdered inside the camp. Finally, honour and condolences to the Stoney Point people in Ipperwash, Ontario who made the supreme sacrifice in their stand for their rights. We mourn and condemn the death of Dudley George who was brutally murdered by the OPP.

It has been over a month since we left the Ts'peten Sundance grounds, but our hearts are still there. Although we were victorious in that battle, we know that the fight has only just begun.

Specifically, we have a long battle in court to fight and the ongoing harassment of the RCMP to deal with. We will continue to inform all supporters of our ongoing case, and for that purpose we have given our approval to the following organization to transmit information on our behalf:

[S.I.S.I.S. NOTE: The ASSC hotline and fax line are no longer operative. Also, since this time other support committees have formed and the ASSC is thus not the only authorized support committee. We have included the full ASSC address here in order to preserve the integrity of the original letter, not for contact information per se. For the most current support information, go to http://kafka.uvic.ca/~vipirg/SISIS/gustlake/support.html.]

Aboriginal Sovereignty Support Committee (ASSC)
174-1472 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Salish Territory, Canada V5L 3X9
ASSC Hotline: (604) 251-1167 fax: (604) 251-6401 Gustafsen Lake Information Internet World Wide Web Site:

Since we are now in the process of compiling and recognizing ALL groups in the world family that transmitted support and information on our behalf, we request that all communications sent to or received by your organization during the standoff be forwarded to:
[S.I.S.I.S. note: the following address is no longer operative. For the most current contact information, go to http://kafka.uvic.ca/~vipirg/SISIS/gustlake/support.html.]

Splitting the Sky
P.O. Box 6475
Hinton, Alberta
T7V 1X7
phone: (403) 865-1784 fax: (403) 865-7549

Finally be informed that from this day forward, except where approved by us, we request that all fundraising efforts in our name CEASE AND DESIST as have NEVER received any donations that were solicited using our name. We further ask that any financial contributions received during the standoff now be forwarded to our Ts' peten Trust Account at The Royal Bank of Canada in Hinton, Alberta. [S.I.S.I.S. NOTE: This account has since been closed.] The account number is 5024404 and the bank transit number is 0660903. Thank you for your consideration in these important matters.

Signed (on behalf of the Defenders of Ts' peten):

Percy Rosette and William Ignace (Wolverine)

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