Sep 2/95: Gustafsen Lake-Police declare 'no-go zone'


Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (S.I.S.I.S.)
Saturday, September 2, 1995

Today police announced the creation of a 2000 square mile "no-go zone" in the region surrounding the Gustafsen Lake area. Police have admitted that they can only ask that people stay away from the area, since they can't actually enforce a "no-go" restriction in such a large area.

Black bear hunting season began yesterday. According to police, the "no-go" request is aimed at keeping hunters out of the area.

We doubt this is the real reason for attempting to clear out the area. We fear that this is an attempt to prevent observation of police maneuvers, clearing the way for an police invasion.

The media reports tonight were sparse. The only other reported news was that a few shots had been fired at the RCMP surveillance helicopters - and that police wouldn't confirm or deny this.

According to BCTV news, there is talk of bringing in spiritual leaders in from BC/Ontario "to bring this to a peaceful conclusion", but as of 7 pm it is only an unconfirmed media report.

Given the recent ominous developments an increased call is going out for human rights and other activists to come to Gustafsen Lake to create a "ring of peace" between the police line and the Gustafsen Lake encampment. We feel that such a peacekeeping force may prevent the police from massacring the people inside the encampment. Any organizations with experience in this area who are interested - please e-mail S.I.S.I.S., labeled "Re: Shuswap peace plan".

International media are also welcome and urgently needed.

The police are trying to clear everyone out of the area - let's make sure they are kept accountable.

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