Sep 13/95: Gustafsen Lake-Sinixt Nation support letter


Sinixt Nation
Group 16, Compartment 2, RR1
Winlaw, B.C. V0G 2J0

September 13, 1995

THE SINIXIT RECGONIZE the efforts of any aboriginal peoples to resolve the impact of colonization through traditional aboriginal spiritual means. Beyond colonization we respect the religious practices and support the religious freedom of all individuals.

THE SINIXT SUPPORT WILLIAM IGNACE, known as Wolverine, and the people gathered at the Sundance grounds at Gustafson Lake.

RECENT FINDINGS OF ABORIGINAL TITLE in the Adams Lake blockade, which is also within Shuswap territory, reflect a margin of doubt around the legal title and ownership of the rancer who is claiming the Sundance grounds as private property. As in the Adams Lake blockade the aboriginal peoples were labelled as the intruder and persecuted for their defensive position. The police officials, the news media, politicians and non-aboriginal organizations tend to work as a group against the aboriginal peoples who dispute land title and take a defensive stance calling for investigation of title and call for justice.

ABORIGINAL TITLE AND JURISDICTION ARE THE QUESTIONS SINIXT NATION REQUEST AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATIVE TRIBUNAL into the Gustafson Lake situation and the questions surrounding ceded and unceded land in British Columbia. We request that the investigation be conducted by a third party tribunal of the United Nations and as requested by aboriginal peoples involved in the Gustafson Lake situation, involvement of the Queen. All citizens of British Columbia have the right to full disclosure of the evidence which reveals British Columbia and the Canadian governments history of land title dealings with Aboriginal people in the establishment of the Privince of British Columbia.

Signed by Proxy of Elders Eva Orr and Alvina Lum

Marilyn James
Appointed Spokesperson Sinixt (Arrow Lakes) Nation

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