Sep 13/95: Gustafsen Lake-Peace at hand


Jim Wight
with information from BCTV report
September 13, 1995 - 6 pm

Visits to the camp by Marlo Sam continue to bring out more people. Arvol Looking Horse, a spiritual leader, arrived from the US and went into the camp.

Antoine Archie, a Shuswap Chief, talks to the camp by radio and assures they can come out in peace. Apparently the people at the camp are planning to come out tomorrow. The press is going along as a third party observer.

BCTV also reports that the Ipperwash situation is defusing as a native barricade is taken down. Earlier a meeting between Chippewas and Premier Mike Harris was fruitless. Mercredi said he will try again to get natives to leave the park but doubts they will listen to him. First Nations Police are in the front lines as the regular police have moved back.

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