Source of Resistance #3: Introduction


Summer 1997



This edition of Source Of Resistance takes a critical look at the RCMP siege of Gustafsen Lake in the summer of 1995. The events of Gustafsen Lake are but one act in 500 years of illegal acts against the original inhabitants of Turtle Island (north america). The siege at Gustafsen Lake was the largest and most expensive police operation in canadian history, yet another example of how the canadian and provincial governments have continuously ignored the issue of Indigenous sovereignty. As of this printing no sentences in the nine month trial of the Ts'Peten Defenders have been handed down but the fact that the trial even occurred is evidence of the british columbian government's refusal to acknowledge that most of b.c. is beyond the treaty frontier.

As non-natives we believe that the onus is on us and every settler to actively resist our own governments' continued war on Native Nations. If one benefits from the Eurocentric capitalist settler culture without recognizing and taking action against its genocidal consequences, then one is complicit. We must all work towards an understanding of the issues at hand and move towards an active resistance. We hope that Source Of Resistance can be a small part towards this resistance. The importance of working in solidarity with the Sovereignty movement and attempting to be effective and respectful allies can not be overstated at this point in the occupation of Native lands. As committed anarchists and libertarian socialists we feel that if we do not speak now then the neo-colonial power systems will have our consent through silence.

We have included as much material as possible within the limits of our budget. We have attempted to include the voices of the defenders and the context of the sovereignty struggle in their own words. However, any mistakes are our own.

We would like to thank all who consented to the reprinting of their interviews, statements, or art work.

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SOURCE OF RESISTANCE is published quarterly by the two anarchists and a cat collective.

The Source collective is an autonomous, class struggle anarchist collective that strives towards non-coercive, non-hierarchical structures and will not publish offensive material. The debate as to what is offensive is ongoing but we all agree that no classist, racist, sexist, homophobic or abilist text will be printed.

The purpose of creating SOURCE OF RESISTANCE is to further the cause of class struggle anarchism through generating new ideas, provide a forum for discussion within the divergent anarchist movement, and to look at our stories from the past and the present to find relevant or applicable practices for an egalitarian future. The collective is attempting to bring critical and indepth analysis to anarchist issues and concerns in order to contribute to a growing and stronger anarchist movement in the pacific northwest (and beyond).

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The Two Anarchists * Chronology and a Cat Collective A brief chronology of the events Amanda Cantelon during the standoff. Cliff Shemilt Compiled by Amanda Cantelon Jason Miller John-Henry Harter * Letter Lee-Anne Clarke Haudenosaunee letter of support to the Defenders. Contributors/Reprints Mohawk Nation Kahnawake Branch Amanda Cantelon John-Henry Harter * Roundtable Rachel Iwaasa Excerpts from a roundtable discussion Nicola Jordan with Bill Lightbown, Shelagh Franklin, Bill Lightbown Flo Sampson and John "Splitting the Shelagh Franklin Sky" Hill. John "Splitting the Sky" Hill Flo Sampson * Letter Wolverine From Bruce Clark to the RCMP John Shafer outlining the complicity of the James (Ebabay) Pitawanakwat police with the perpetuation of Lavina White genocidal policies. Dr. Bruce Clark Letters Mohawk Nation * Complicity and Silence - Kahnawake Branch An analysis of the mainstream media Bruce Clark coverage of Gustafsen Lake. John-Henry Harter Page Layout & Design Lee-Anne Clarke * Interview with a Defender Amanda Cantelon Wolverine talks with John Shafer. John-Henry Harter From 'Bad News'. Cliff Shemilt * Summation Artwork The summation presented in court by Cover: Anonymous James (Ebabay) Pitawanakwat, aka OJ, Back Page: Layout-Cliff Shemilt in his defence on April 25, 1997. Design-Gord Hill James (Ebabay) Pitawanakwat Photos * Damage control Amanda Cantelon A look at the court tactics and John-Henry Harter media spin control during the trial. Rachel Iwaasa and Nicola Jordan Graphics Johnny Guitar * Sovereignty Gord Hill Excerpts from Lavina White's speech at OJ the Voices of Indigenous Sovereignty Kick It Over Forum. Lavina White * Further Readings


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