New Lubicon support organization formed


- posted to native-l by Peter Schwarzbauer

February 19, 1997

Unfazed by Daishowa's heavy-handed judicial silencing of the Toronto Friends of the Lubicon, a new coalition of Lubicon Lake Indian Nation supporters has recently sprung up in Quebec. Amitié Lubicons-Québec (Lubicon-Quebec Friendship) held a demonstration outside of Daishowa's Montreal offices on January 23 - the first anniversary of the Ontario court's injunction against the Daishowa boycott.

The demonstrators presented Daishowa with a letter demanding a commitment "neither to cut nor buy trees cut on Lubicon land until a land rights agreement has been reached between the Lubicon Lake Cree and the governments of Canada and Alberta, and until the company has reached a agreement with the Cree governing its wood harvesting practices on Lubicon land." They also demanded that Daishowa drop the legal proceedings against the Toronto Friends of the Lubicon.

Daishowa's written response was a by-now-familiar blend of misrepresentation, distortions and fabrications. What's new about it is their expressions of concern for the fate of Daishowa America, who are now finding themselves subject to a boycott campaign in the United States.

After already spending lavish amounts of money muzzling the Toronto Friends, Daishowa is finally learning the difficult lesson that trying to blow out a fire usually just helps it spread.

To reach Amitié Lubicons-Québec, write:

Amitié Lubicons-Québec
C.P. 854
Kanesatake, Territoire Mohawk
via Quebec, Canada J0N 1E0
Tel: (514) 844 0484
For more information on the Daishowa boycott in the United States, contact:
Dan Clarke
5317-46th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98118 USA
Phone: (206) 723-4703
Fax (206) 525-5086


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