Nov 8/98: Support fair & just Lubicon settlement


ACTION APPEAL - Expires November 30, 1998

Amitié Lubicons-Québec
Sunday, November 8, 1998

Amitié Lubicons-Québec, Friends of the Lubicon, and Aboriginal Rights Coalition are jointly coordinating a nation-wide appeal for letters and lobbying of MPs in support of the current round of negotiations ending in a just settlement for the Lubicons.

The Lubicon Lake Cree Nation of northern Alberta is currently negotiating with the Federal Government for a fair and just settlement of their aboriginal land rights. Transnational corporations have taken advantage of the lack of a settlement of Lubicon land rights to take over $9 billion worth of oil and gas out of Lubicon territories. Meanwhile Lubicon Society has been torn apart by severe deprivation. The Canadian Federal Government has yet to meet their responsibility to settle Lubicon land rights.

The Canadian Federal government needs to be told that there is widespread support for a settlement Lubicon land rights. The Minister of Indian Affairs, the federal Cabinet, and the Canadian Parliament need to know that Canadians support good-faith negotiations and that, should a settlement be reached, implementation of that settlement will be popular with their constituents. That message will let them know that there will be political consequences one way or the other: either for resolving or for failing to resolve this long-standing blight on Canada's human rights record.

Amitié Lubicons-Québec and Friends of the Lubicon are asking people of across Canada to write to their Members of Parliament, asking them to express to the Minister of Indian Affairs their support for a negotiated settlement.

We know there is support for the Lubicons in every riding in Canada. It's our goal to have that support expressed to every MP in Parliament (it's free - no postage required!) so we encourage people to ask their family, friends and others to support the Lubicon.

You can help us organize and express that support. If you live in Canada and support the just settlement of Aboriginal land rights, please get involved with this effort. To get involved send us your name, address and numbers (phone/fax) and M.P.'s name for your Riding. We'll respond by sending you a briefing package of articles that can be sent, along with your letter, to your M.P.

We deeply appreciate your support for the Lubicon. A just settlement for the Lubicon will be a major step forward for aboriginal rights and for human rights in general.


Please reply to H. Martinuk, at, if you are interested in this campaign.

Friends of Lubicon's website is located at:

Please pass on this message to others who may be interested!

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