Oct 22/97: International picket of Daishowa plant


Indigenous Environmental Network
Wednesday, October 22, 1997

On November 3, 1997 supporters of the Friends of the Lubicons will be holding a informational picket at the Daishowa Packaging Plant at 1750 Inkster Blvd. at 5:00 p.m. in the city of Winnipeg located in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

We are holding the informational picket to expose Daishowa's attempt to quash the Friends of the Lubicon's fundamental democratic right to free speach by SLAPPing them with a lawsuit. The Friends of the Lubicon are a support group who are helping to bring public attention to the blight of the Lubicon First Nation in Alberta, Canada.

Should Daishowa win this court case against the Friends of the Lubicon we are all next.

We are asking for your support in two ways:

1) First, please send us your organizational endorsement for the informational picket so that we can use your groups name on our press release. Please e-mail your organizational endorsement ASAP to:

2) Secondly, please pass this message on to your organizational e-mail list. We would like to have broad support locally, nationally and internationally. By passing on this message through the internet we hope to accomplish this objective.

Should you require additional information about what is happening to the Friends of the Lubicon in order to endorse our informational picket please visit the Lubicon Supporters' website at:


or phone (416) 763-7500.

Thank you for your support.

Don Sullivan
Tom Goldtooth - Indigenous Environmental Network

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