Aug 3/98: Reprisals against witnesses to genocide


James Michael Craven
Monday, August 3, 1998

At 2 a.m. this morning 2 very young teenage Native females were seen being taken out of the back entrance of the Vancouver Club at 915 Hastings Ave in Vancouver, B.C. by a group of Native males; present was also a blond-haired white male. The Vancouver Club is a private club for the so-called elite of B.C. and Canadian society; highly restricted membership, by special invitation only. The Vancouver Club was the subject of recent articles dealing with allegations by Cree Lawyer Renata Auger of a pedophile ring operating out of the club and out of resorts in Whistler.

On July 14, 1998 the bodies of two Vancouver, B.C. prostitutes were found. One of them, a young woman named "Sheila" had been in contact with the Vancouver, B.C. "Circle of Justice" and had given information on activities in the prestigious "Vancouver Club" (the hangout for the "Elite" of B.C. and Canada) having to do with young Indian Boys and Girls being taken and used for sexual purposes there.

On July 27, 1998, for some inexplicable reason the Vancouver Sun ran an article on the death of Samantha Rolls, a young bartender and waitress at the Vancouver Club who was found dead of an apparent overdose of drug on February 3, 1996--over two years ago. Her family contended that she was afraid of needles and detested drugs. She lived in an apartment complex with other young people, each of whom was allegedly brought in to view her body individually by Coroner Denver Snyder (with no authority and no permission from those brought in to see the body). the article suggests that this was done to impress on the young people the dangers of drugs but then why were they brought in individually?; on what authority?; and why without the permission of those who were forced to view the body? It should be noted that in the Tribunal dealing with Residential Schools in Vancouver, B.C. of which I was a part, we heard repeated testimony of students being forced to view the bodies of dead students (suicides and those beaten to death) as a warning to them--particularly at Kuper Island Residential School.

Christy White of the Bella Bella Reserve has alleged that attempts to raise money to send victims of Residential Schools in Canada to the UN Conference of the Human Rights Sub Commission on Protection of Minorities in Geneva (Aug 3-28) were being thwarted through threats by Dean Wilson and Ron Hamilton who claim that they will do the representing at Geneva. Dean Wilson was questioned by me at the Tribunal on Residential Schools in Vancouver (June 12-14, 1998) and was accused by several witnesses of engaging in various forms of threats and intimidation at the Tribunal; he was self-acknowleged to be connected with the United Church of Canada but refused to respond to the repeated inquires if anyone connected with the United Church were present. Ron Hamilton of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council at Port Alberni, who has worked with the RCMP Task Force on Residential Schools, was alleged by Harry Wilson to have threatened Harry's life if he talked about the body of a young girl he had discovered at the Port Alberni Residential School in 1967.

Recent e-mails with hidden sourcing have been sent out claiming that any money sent to Frank Martin (Bella Bella) and his wife Helen Michell (Carrier) as has been requested by me and others due to the fact that they have been made destitute by police actions against them, will be wasted claiming that they are cocaine users. This is a flat out and vicious lie and form of calculated disinformation designed to keep two freedom fighters and their children who have been made destitute and isolated even more destitute and isolated.

Further, this is not simply about young Indian boys and girls being pimped to rich and powerful pedophiles. Under capitalist law, land and other forms of property can be "lawfully" acquired through: discovery, conquest through war, purchase/sale, inheritance through bloodline, gift or declaration of "eminent domain". You cannot claim "original discovery" of lands already occupied by Indigenous Peoples; no War was fought by the B.C. First Nations against Canada; declaration of "eminent domain" would imply legal ownership of lands by Indigenous Peoples expropriated for purposes of State as well as denial of sovereign nation status of Indigenous Peoples; granting/acceptance of land as a gift would imply original ownership with Indigenous Peoples; purchase/sale would imply Indigenous ownership of ancestral lands and no purchases/sales of significance have taken place; and finally, no Treaties have been made/signed as of yet which is the reason for the formation of the B.C. Treaty Commission.

It has been alleged with considerable supporting evidence, that some of the same forces involved in trafficking young Indian boys and girls for rich and powerful pedophiles are also involved in key aspects of the B.C. Treaty Commission as well as being involved in using isolated reserves for the landing and distributions of drugs and are also involved in threatening and murdering witnesses to the above-mentioned and more. There is some tremendous potential for some ugly quid pro quos. Sell out as a token Indian leader on the Treaty Commission in return for see/hear/speak "no evil/crime" on the part of the land grabbing "powers-that-be"; So-called Indian Leaders selected to Front for some token and phony (carefully limited) acts of "contrition" and "apologies" by those Governmental and Church authorities responsible for the Residential Schools and their ongoing genocidal effects, allowed to skim off any compensation monies nominally designated for victims and act as shock troops to deal with any witnesses to the above-mentioned crimes.

There is a nexus here and what is a fundamental contradiction is that is the very system of capitalist laws, rights, privileges, codes, myths, power structures protecting private property in B.C. and elsewhere can be used to call into question and expose as stolen, the very properties of the rich and powerful they purport to protect. Indian Law does not indict them, rather their own asserted/indoctrinated "sacreds" expose the non-Indians and their sacred properties and powers.

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