Jul 26/98: Frank Martin & Helen Michell released


James Craven
Sunday, July 26, 1998

Shortly after notice of re-arrest of Frank Martin and Helen Michell on Sovernet-l, they were released from jail.

The Judge expressed that it was "highly irregular" for Helen Michell, born in "Canada" of the Carrier Nation, would be charged as an "illegal immigrant" and released her on her own recognizance.

Frank Martin, her husband was also released despite allegations of a previous warrant from 1992 about which nothing was said when he was previously arrested as an "illegal immigrant."

Frank and Helen are clearly "Status Indians" but refuse to carry DIA cards for the same reason that some Jews refused to wear the "Yellow Star of David" during the 1930s and 40s. Many Indians believe that non-Indians have no business defining who and what is a "real Indian" in the same way that no sane person would argue that nazis should be allowed to define who and what is a "real Jew". Their regular ID made it clear their country of birth and status however.

While in jail, Frank was told by one police officer that he would be killed and asked who would follow after him--his daughter?. That officer proceeded to break the arm of a poor Indian (Frank could hear the bone break) who was asking to be allowed to urinate--just to make the point what they were capable of and who had the power.

Frank and Helen have been left destitute. Frank refused a settlement offer of $250,000 for the life-threatening beating he suffered at the hands of the B.C. Police and R.C.M.P. because the settlement would have involved secrecy in terms of what happened and who did it. Both of them are people of quality, conscience and integrity and have been left destitute.

I urge all people of conscience to write to the various powers-that-be to let them know that Frank and Helen and their children are not alone and that eyes from all over the world will be watching carefully and are prepared to rise up and act if any more harm comes to them.

For those moved to help them with food (stolen from their van when it was impounded--I got the van out of impound) please address all inquiries to Roderick Louis at (604) 254-7153, who can direct where any donations might be sent.

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