Sep 17/98: Urgent appeal to continue support


James Michael Craven
Thursday, September 17, 1998

Please pass this on to all people of conscience.

I was in contact with Frank and Helen last night. They are still under extreme pressure from the RCMP and Vancouver Police and they have been evicted from their apartment, have no money for food or for medications Frank needs as a result of the horrible beating he suffered at the hands of the RCMP and Vancouver Police, they are trying to arrest Frank again on an old charge from 1992 for which they claim, now, after having had him in custody before, was not fully discharged, they need a lawyer desperately, and Frank has been told that he has been marked for death.

I know these people well, they have suffered horribly, they are genuine, they are victims of the Canadian Residential Schools and genuine freedom fighters for First Nations Sovereignty and are therefore designated as dangerous by the powers that be.

Please circulate this widely, send it to the office of the Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien with letters of protest, those of you in B.C. please bring together your forces to support them, if anyone can spare any money to help them with food, medicines or legal assistance, please send checks specifically addressed to Frank Martin or Helen Michell at Roderick Louis, Apt 2, 1568 East 3rd, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V5N 1G9

I am in regular contact with Frank and Helen, I vouch that they are genuine freedom fighters who have genuinely suffered horribly and implore any and all to circulate this widely and help.

If there are any attorneys of conscience, trained in international law but particularly practicing either Civil or Criminal Law in B.C., please contact me at once as they desperately need legal help. Please also forward this to the U.N.

Thank you,

Jim Craven

Dear Mr. Young:

My name is James Craven. I am a Professor of Economics at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, USA, I am both a U.S. and Canadian Citizen and member of the Blackfoot Confederacy. I was a Tribunal Judge in a recent Tribunal (observed by IHRAAM, a UN NGO) in Vancouver, B.C. (June 12-14) dealing with crimes against Indian children in the Residential Schools of Canada. I have been in regular contact with Frank Martin and Helen Michell, cross-examined their testimony at the Tribunal, and found and still find them to be entirely honest, credible and highly committed to basic human rights for Indians and non-Indians alike.

It is my sincere belief that they have been marked for ongoing harassment and even worse by police and governmental forces in Canada as a result of damaging evidence that they have revealed and/or possess relative to a previous beating of Frank by the B.C. Police and/or other matters having to do with ongoing abuses of Indian children.

I implore your organization to at least listen to their complaints and evidence and give them a fair hearing as to their credibility and veracity on various matters they may choose to discuss.

Should you require any further elaboration or documentation from me, my address, phone number and e-mail are given below and also, I can arrange to meet with you personally in Vancouver, B.C.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

James M. Craven
Professor and Dept. Head, Economics
Canadian Citizen, Member, Blackfoot Confederacy
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