Apr 03/97: Senecas Resist Colonial Taxation Order


Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 13:21:47 -0500
From: ishgooda@tdi.net
To: ind-net@listproc.wsu.edu
Subject: NY situation

This is what I know as of 10 am this morning. The Seneca's at Allegheny Rez are still resisting. Last night State Rt.17 was closed several times by burning tires on the highway. Rt.17 was closed from exit 16 to 24.

What no one hears about is that the NY State government has no respect for the Seneca Nation. There were several "paddy wagons" seen on the strees of Salamanka last night. Salamanka is the only U.S. city owned by an Indian Nation.

Many NY State Police are around the Allegheny Rez. I have been told that the NY National Guard troops are out of sight on the Allegheny National Forest lands in close proximity to the Rez.

Tensions are high right now and it would not take much to spark a violent confrontation of some sort. I was due to visit Allegheny Rez this Saturday but have been told to stay home by a Seneca friend at the Rez.

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