Apr 7/97: Seneca continue to resist NY tax invaders


- posted to serendipity-L on April 7/97, by Tusweca

Things are still pretty tense around the Seneca Reservations. Rt. 17 was closed off and on last night as tires were burned again.

There were several articles in the Buffalo News/Sunday, April 6.


1) A Tonawanda Seneca tax protester accused a State trooper of striking and injuring him Friday with a patrol car and leaving the scene. The young person, 14 or 15 yrs old, was tending a fire at the Rez entrance. The trooper told him to put the fire out, the youth refused. The trooper swerved his car and struck the youth. The youth was taken to a local hospital with a dislocated shoulder. This happened on the Rez proper.

2) Layoffs at Indian run businesses continue adding to the tension.

3) Clan Mothers of the traditional tribes that did not sign have said that the agreements are illegal because they were not approved by the Clan Mothers or members of the tribes.

4) Non-Indian neighbors of the Tonawanda Seneca are bringing food to the protesters and have stated that they will stand with the Indians.

5) Petitions signed by 2000 non-Indians, asking Gov. Pataki to honor Indian Treaties.

6) The Mohawks on the St. Regis Reservation have seen gasoline tankers and trucks loaded with cigarettes from Canada and destined for their Rez. seized by NY State troopers. The Mohawks had planned on supplying the Senecas with products.

7) At Cattaraugus Rez, natural gas is not available. People depend upon propane gas and electricity for heating and cooking. Trucks loaded with home heating oil have been turned away from the Rez and Friday last, a truck with 6,800 gals of home heating fuel was seized by state tax enforcers. Propane deliveries are not being allowed on the Rez. so people are running out of even gas to cook their food with.

If anyone doubts that the various state and federal government still have a policy of genocide actively in place, they only need look as far as the Buffalo slaughter, the Peabody Coal Co. manufactured Hopi-Dineh land dispute and the NY State tax thing, just to mention a few.

The rest of us non-federally recognized, non-carded, totally-ignored-by-everybody people of American Indian ancestory, need to make ourselves known in support of our Indian brothers and sisters everywhere.

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