Apr 11/97: Update on tax resisters


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The stance the Seneca Nation appears to be taking is one of non-violence, although, it is also their opinion that the State Police are trying to provoke an incident. President Schindler said that he had talked to the head of NY State Police Pedro Perez and that he told him it is hard to control his troops. The tragic accident that happened on Rte. 17 the other day [SISIS note: link at http://kafka.uvic.ca/~vipirg/SISIS/mohawk/apr0897.html] is being blamed on the Seneca, although, at the time the troopers were directing traffic and were in total control of the situation. It appears that while they were slowing traffic a pickup truck slammed into a big truck that was stopped by the police, the driver was killed and his truck exploded into flames. There were no Indians at the scene and according to our sources the fire was a mile and 1/2 away.

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 9:54
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I suggest that the Haudensaunee are OBLIGATED to defend their territorial integrity or they have little justification for the claim of sovereignty. And they appear determined to do just that.

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Agree...I think that this is part and parcel of being sovereign...if you don't defend your borders from invasion...you aren't.

Also firmly believe every other governor in the US with reservations within their borders are watching this very closely...Michigan governor Engler is very anti anything but upper middle class white...he has already attempteed to vacate one US treaty by removing funding for the educational grants given "BY LAW and TREATY" to those whose land the state took.


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