Apr 21/97: Calls for support of Seneca tax resistance



April 21, 1997
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY 14240

Respectful greetings editor:

I reply apropos the article, "Chief sees pluses in deal with state", by Gene Warner. My onus as Onondaga Haudenosaunee mother of seven children and grandmother of two, is to plant the seeds of love, respect, discipline, and obeisance for themseves, all humanity, their surroundings and for the seven generations to come.

The eloquent verboseness with which Faithkeeper Lyon's orates is not representative of the People of the Onondaga nation. His rhetoric is his opinion. The People of the Onondaga Nation have not been duly informed or consulted regarding the "closed door" negotiations of NYS Governor Pataki's Tax Compact. It is precedent, that the elocution by spread across the floor of the Longhouse in order that the People be enlightened and heeded. Unfortunately, but not amazingly, this has not happened and I fear he is floating in a paddleless canoe.

Concern for the People and the seven generations to come is priority. Faithkeeper Lyon's, I say with respect, is obsessed with millionaire's and the future of lacrosse among our People. My Nation faces more pressing solicitude. Faithkeeper Lyon's seat on the global environmental summits have borne no fruit for the Onondaga Nation. I challenge Faithkeeper Lyons to poise his podium strategically in front of our "eternal flame", the loving name for which our burning Nation dump has been aspersed. The burning inferno and contaminated runoff of our dump is choking the natural aquafiers which run through the veins of the hills into the mouths of our People in the village below. I know you will stand tall behind this environmental podium and the euphuistic "fairytales" with which you enthrall the world, would then hold a hint of truth. Our Nation, our elderly, our children need housing, water and sewage facilities, and a recycling program. Many people of our community have excellent ideas which when presented to Council falls on deaf ears.

I remind Faithkeeper Lyons that the millionaire business people in Onondaga are controlled by the Council of Chiefs. Millions of dollars are flowing into the Onondaga Nation People's treasury. We now have the monies to allocate to the many projects so desparately needed by the People of the Onondaga Nation. Let's worry about our own backyard, the Onondaga Nation.

The posterity is not money. Your enemy, Faithkeeper Lyons are the Onondaga People and the Confederacy People when they opt for principles over dollars, integrity over corruption, trustworthiness over suspect and pride over egotism. Faith and trust of the Haudenosaunee destiny should have been kept in the hands of the People. I have credence that the People of the Confederacy, through the Great Law of Peace, were capable of negotiating and obtaining "control" over our own economic plight. The Six Nations Confederacy has now been handed over on a silver platter to the strong armed muscle of Governor Pataki and "Gallant Piper" which lays abeyant.

My sleeves are rolled up and as hard as it is, I can still muster up enough respect for you, Faithkeeper Lyons, to extend and invitation to you. The People of the Confederacy still maintain and posess respect and honor for we are Haudenosaunee. We are willing to share a shovel and laborious sweat to help you repair the damages inflicted upon the People. Join me and the true Onondagas and the People of the Confederacy to do some physical work to sow the seeds we were given by the Creator. Since the state has now imposed a thirty day planting season upon the Haudenosaunee, we don't have much time left to propogate the seeds of our "destiny", Faithkeeper Lyons. The Confederacy rootcellar is almost empty and if you wuld turn around and take a good look, Faithkeeper Lyons, you would acknowledge the fact that we women of the Confederacy, (the caretakers of the land) have many mouths to feed.

Written with respect,

Paula Hemlock
Snipe Clan
Onondaga Nation


Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 23:21:26
From: pinteareed@aol.com
Subject: New York state violates 200 year old treaty


The State of NEW YORK in gross violation of the 1794 Treaty of Canadaigua sent several hundred police officers to force the SENECA TRIBE to charge sales tax on items sold among them gasoline. They have disrupted several peaceful demonstrations and are now blocking access to the reservation lands by state police force...Violence has erupted between police and protesters. It looks like a scene from an old "Billy Jack" movie...

Please contact Gov. Pataki or the New State senator and representatives to stop this gross violation of one of the longest holding treaties in the USA with an Indian tribe. The section violated is quoted below...

Quote: ARTICLE 2. The United States acknowledge the lands reserved to the Oneida, Onondaga, and Cayuga Nations in their respective treaties with the State of New York, and called their reservations, to be their property; and the United States will never claim the same, nor disturb them, or either of the Six Nations, nor their Indian friends, residing thereon, and united with them in the free use and enjoyment thereof; but the said reservations shall remain theirs, until they choose to sell the same to the people of the United States, who have the right to purchase.

Lili Pintea-Reed (great-grandaughter of Eliza of the Seneca nation)
Joseph Reed (grandson of Ned Waters of the Seneca Nation)

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