Apr 22/97: Update on Seneca tax resistance


Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 09:18:39
From: Mohawk Nation Office - Kahnawake Branch mnation@axess.com
Subject: Seneca Nation of Indians URGENT PRESS RELEASE


ROUTE 438 IRVING, NY 14081
(716) 532-4900 EXT.128

On Sunday April 20, 1997, a rally was held at the route 5 & 20 juncture, which lead to the closing of the NYS thruway. This rally was not a bonafide sanctioned protest by the Seneca Nation of Indians and was organized by non-Indians and was supported by Senecas. The rally would have remained peaceful had it not been for direct acts of aggression on the part of Major Perez and his goon squad. Never was there an attempt by the Senecas or their supporters to cross the line at the Cattaraugus Creek Bridge. State police ventured onto the bridge in an aggressive posture which was then met by Senecas and their supporters.

Governor Pataki is violating the sovereignty of the Seneca Nation of Indians and has imposed illegal embargoes on heating and cooking fuel. He has overstepped his authority by preventing motor fuel to the Seneca Nation of Indians for governmental services to our people and prevented tribal members access to motor fuel even though the court orders have stated the court ruling only applies to the resale of motor fuel and cigarettes to non-Indians. This aggression was tantamount to an act of war bringing aggression directly into Seneca Territory.

Pataki has attempted to strong arm and intimidate the Seneca Nation of Indians to enter into an agreement with New York State. On April 21, 1997, as of 5:00 am, well over 150 New York State Troopers who have been directed by Governor Pataki to put this Nation under siege. Blockades have been put up preventing egress and ingress to our land. Tribal members have been unable to get proper medical attention, dialysis patients were stopped from going to the hospital for services at the borders, endangering their lives, several women were assaulted without provocation, an unknown number of tribal members were assaulted and arrested earlier this morning, 7:00 am, several eyewitnesses revealed one woman, Angie Steeprock was brutally beaten into unconciousness and denied medical attention while NYS troopers slammed her into a backseat of a trooper vehicle and was observed as not regaining consciousness, her condition is still unknown, we believe the excessive force is in retaliation to Major Perez's injuries yesterday, our people were unable to get the basic necessities for survival. Up until 2:30 pm, this Nation has been under siege by what appeared to be military occupation by the National Guard. The media has been kept off our territories in an attempt to keep these facts silent. President Michael Schindler states: "We send a plea for help to all supporters of the Seneca Nation of Indians whom have attempted to maintain law and order and resolve this issue in a peacful manner, and he still hopes this issue can be resolved peaceably."

Fact: Local Schools shut down due to NYS Police Interfering with traffic

1. Silver Cree School District - refused to send bus for Cattaraugus Reservation Students.

2. Gowanda Central School District - closed school.

NYS Police are turning away traffic from the Cattaraugus Reservation at Gowand and Irving. Medical transport vehicles needed for dialysis patients were told not to enter the Cattaraugus Reservation.


Rotiskenrakete Warrior Society
April 22, 1997

On April 21, 1997, the Rotiskenrakete Warrior Society from different territories within the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) met to discuss the recent conflict between the Seneca Nation of Indians and the New York State Police and New York State Department of Taxation. The Rotiskenrakete are closely monitoring the situation and are in contact with our Seneca brothers. According to Kaienerekowa (Great Law of Peace) the Seneca are a brother to the Kanienkehaka. As the men of the Kanienkehaka, it is our duty by Law to stand and assist our Seneca brothers in their time of need.

The Rotiskenrakete are in full support of the position the Seneca Nation of Indians have taken in opposition to the violation of their sovereignty. New York State is in violation by their imposition of taxation in the sovereign Seneca Territories.

We encourage all Onkwehonwe people to show their support for the Seneca People. Multiply this press release and send it out.


Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with the Native Peoples (CASNP)
National office: 39 Spadina Rd. Toronto On. Canada M5R 2S9
Mailing address: PO Box 574 Stn P Toronto On. Canada M5S 2T1
Phone: (416) 972-1573
Fax (416) 972-6232
Web site: http://www.pathcom.com/casnp
Email: casnp@pathcom.com

22-Apr-97. 11:45 AM CASNP Toronto. On Sunday, April 20th the Seneca Nation and large numbers of their non-native supporters had a peaceful rally on Cattaraugus Seneca Territory (near Irving New York). New York State Governor George Pataki sent in police forces to enforce an illegal embargo on state heating and cooking fuel and to start collecting taxes on the sale of fuel and cigarettes to non-Indians in violation of First Nations sovereignty.

After attacking one of the supporters, the police were chased off. The following morning, April 21st, at 5:00 AM, over 150 heavily armed New York State Troopers, assisted by the National Guard, surrounded and put the nation under siege. Blockades were set up stopping people from entering and leaving the territory. Some are in urgent need of medical attention, many people were assaulted without provocation and arrested. One woman was brutally beaten into unconsciousness and thrown into a trooper's car. Updates are unavailable on this woman's condition.

CASNP was contacted by the Seneca Nation about these violent attacks. CASNP strongly supports their position and stands with the people in condemning the actions of the United States, President Bill Clinton, New York State Governor George Pataki and their armed forces who are holding the Seneca Nation as hostages on their own land surrounded by heavily armed agents of the state. CASNP sees this as an act of war against the First People of the land.

We are asking all people to strongly condemn this violent attack and violation of First Nations sovereignty. Call the National Guard at Albany 514-465-1618 and the New York State Police at 518-783-3211 and tell them to "back off." Fax messages to your political representatives, media and to President Bill Clinton 202-456-2461; Hilary Clinton 202-456-6244; and to Governor Pataki 518-474-8099. Support the Seneca Nation at Route 438, Irving New York 14081 716-532-4900 Ext. 128.

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 10:35:24 (EDT)
From: Robert B. Bancroft
To: serendipity-L
Subject: tax rally TODAY!!

I have just received word from a contact that "Papa Bear" Swanson, A.I.M. contact for NY, has called a tax protest rally for late this afternoon in Buffalo, NY

NY State Tax Protest Rally

on the Court House steps
Court St. and Niagara Square
Buffalo, NY

time of rally - 4:15pm TODAY 4/22/97

Grey Wolf

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