Apr 26/97: Pataki fundraises with CA Gov. Pete Wilson


Fellow Republican Gov. Wilson will help the New Yorker raise money for his 1998 campaign

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Saturday April, 26, 1997
Kyle Hughes -- Albany Bureau Writer

ALBANY- With stste budget talks on hold, Gov. Pataki is flying to California this weekend to raise money for his 1998 re-election campaign.

Pataki's office announced the trip late yesturday, but would provide no further details except to say the events will be hosted by California Gov. Pete Wilson.

Wilson was an unsuccessful candidate for president in 1996 and is best known for his strong opposition to illegal immigration.

"I don't have any details," Pataki press aide Eileen Strong said. "Obviously, according to the law, any fund-raising activities done by Governor Pataki will be disclosed when the campaign committee files its disclosure statements."

Those are not due at the state Board of Elections until July 15. Earlier this year, Pataki said he had about $5 million on hand, and he is thought to have raised several million more since then.

In Sacramento, Wilson's press secretary, Sean Walsh, said the fund-raisers were "private engagements" and no information will be given out.

"The governor and Governor Pataki are attending some events together, but I don't have further details," Walsh said.

Long said Pataki will be back in New York on Monday, but "I don't know when he's leaving."

It is the second out of stste fund-raising trip in a month for Pataki., who spent more than $14 million on his 1992 campaign to oust Mario Cuomo from office.

A week before the April 1 budget adoption deadline, Pataki went to Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee to raise money for his campaign.

Pataki and his supporters have encouraged speculation that he will run for president in 2000, and that the trips are part of the preparations to mount a national campaign.

California is a key swing state in presidential elections, with a huge number of electoral votes. Despite that home-state advantage, Wilson's campaign for the presidential nomination last year fell apart after it was revealed he and his ex-wife had hired an illegal immigrant worker in the 1970s.

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