Jun 26/97: NYS tax wars heat up again: Pataki reneges


posted by Firehair
June 26, 1997

Thought you should all be aware, they're still at it in Albany.

The latest ploy was to take the infamous interim agreement and place it into legislative format as a proposed bill to be snuck through. The trick would be to have the legislature empower the commissioner of taxation & finance to "enter into agreements with ... an Indian Nation or Tribe located within this State, a foreign country or a political subdivision..."

These are the things that NY's own judges have declared illegal!

If these things and other sections that would allow siezures and price establishment by the government become the law of the land, the sovereignty question is lost.

Please get people to contact their politicians and make their opinion known.

I spoke with President Mike Schindler today about this matter and he feels betrayed by Pataki (My wording, not his). He said that it appeared that we were back to square one.

Finally, on the heels of this, Emerson Webster and his cronies have threatened to cut any dissidents off from the outside by refusing access to telephone repair crews. It doesn't take a lot of skill to read the threat between those lines.

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