May 2/97: APCs headed to Seneca?


Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 15:12:24 (EDT)
From: Ishgooda
To: serendipity-L

Have arrived in Masachusetts this afternoon. Came in thru the NY Thruway. The sign for the Cattaraugus Reserve is no longer evident from the freeway, however, there are signs on some of the trees off the road indicating "Seneca Territory". Passed thirteen state trooper vehicles between exit 57 and exit 59, can still smell the burned rubber from the weekend demonstrations.

Also passed two half track camouflaged vehicles piggybacked on the trailer of semis heading that direction...don't know if it is connected with the situation there or not. I'm unaware of any state owned troop carrier vehicles (headed that direction also)...If there is federal movement toward the reserve I would be very concerned about federal intervention in direct violation of treaties with the people.


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