May 5/97: A racist mind - NY State Police


Kahnawake Mohawk Nation Office - Kahnawake Branch
May 5, 1997

This 'poem' came from a toll booth at Silver Creek, New York near Cattaraugus - Seneca Territory:


Yes you are an asshole, it is true
and someday a Trooper will come to get you.
Hold your flag high for all to see.
For soon Marcus Rickard, you will meet me.

I am the Trooper on whose car you stand,
waving your flag in your fat little hand.
Enjoy it now, your defiance and pride,
for nobody, nobody defiles my ride.

I will hunt you down in your teepee or shack,
so don't close your eyes and don't turn your back.
For someday I'll be there, and paybacks are hell,
while you cry for mercy, I'll think it's swell.

So stand on my steed, with your balls of brass,
cuz' soon I'll be shoving that stick up your ass.
And your body I'll dump on the Thruway with glee,
so all of the Troopers can drive over thee!!

(Author unknown)

This is in reference to the April 20th rally in Cattaraugus. There appeared a picture in certain newspapers with a man, Marcus Rickard of the Tuscarora Reservation holding a warrior flag standing on top of a State Trooper car - licence plate 3A39. Major Pedro A. Perez, commander of the State Police in New York, should be made accountable for his men. We are asking you to write the New York State Police and make a complaint regarding this blatant expression of racism on the part of the New York State Police.

New York State Police, Division State Police Headquarters
Phone (518) 457-2180
Fax (518) 783-3298


From: David S. Zicherman
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 1997 8:20 AM
To: fn-wk
Subject: RE: State Trooper's Poem

perhaps the trooper poem should be delivered to the state troopers barracks, with a reciprocal statement (i am no poet):

we are people with dreams and hopes and desires
just as you
we are together in a situation
but on opposing sides
yet we are people with children with dreams and hopes and desires
just as you
so let us join together to work this through
as people
have a doughnut

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