May 7/97: Report from Seneca


- posted to serendipity-L on May 7, 1997, by Bonny

Many people who have lost their jobs are now either just getting unemploment or still waiting and I have spoke to several people who are saying, "do I buy food or pay my bills." Like most people I know, many lived from paycheck to paycheck and are losing much of what they worked for. I also spoke to several Smoke Shop owners who said basically the same thing. They started with nothing (many starting a business with less than $1,000) and they will go back to poverty before they sign anything with NYS and Gov. Pataki. One woman stated that the whites can't stand it when an Indian makes a little money.

Right now I am organizing a food drive, and if anyone wants to send donations to Allegeny Friends, PO BX 12, Salamanca, NY 14779. Or nonperishable food items can be sent directly to our warehouse site, Allegeny Friends, 70 Lexington Street, Salamanca NY 14779.

Also just recieved an e-mail from "my sources" in Albany who says that Pataki is feeling the pressure, and is having a fit because all of the public opinion polls show he is wrong in how he is treating the Senecas.

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