May 14/97: Gathering announced; gaming and Senecas


Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 15:38:28
From: Mohawk Nation Office - Kahnawake Branch

Mohawk Nation Office - Kahnawake Branch

Sunday May 18, 1997

1 P.M.

Onondaga protest fire has been burning since Thursday May 8, 1997

Support from all nations is needed to show NYS and Chiefs that we do not agree with this tax scam!!!

It affects us all forever!

All supporters are welcome

[SISIS note: Click HERE for reports on extreme police brutality at this gathering]


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Salamanca Press
Wednesday, May 14, 1997

[SISIS note: The following mainstream news article is provided for reference only, as an example of how mainstream media treats indigenous resistance to genocide. It may contain biased and distorted information and may be missing pertinent facts and/or context.]

Salamanca (AP) --Gov. George Pataki said he would consider halting state lottery sales in the City of Salamanca after the Seneca Nation of Indians accused the state of violating the federal Indian Gaming Act.

Because most of the city sits on the Senecas' Allegany Reservation, the tribe must approve any gaming in the city and is entitled to 60 percent of profits, Seneca spokeswomen Rosemary Patterson said Tuesday.

The Senecas asked the US attorney's office on Monday to order the state to pull out the lottery machines from the handful of businesses that have them, Patterson said.

The governor said he never knew the lottery was an issue.

"It's unfortunate they put out a press release instead of telling us that they thought that we shouldn't do it," Pataki said in Albany. "If in fact they are right, we won't do it."

Patterson said the nation also is seeking copies of any right-of-way agreements involving Seneca lands, with an eye toward closing roads or charging tolls."

The nation said the state never sought permission to build several roads through its territories.

"Unless the state can prove otherwise or we reach another arrangement, we have the right to either close the roads or put tolls on them," tribal spokeswoman Susan Abrams said.

The requests are the latest round in the ongoing dispute between the state and Senecas over the state and the Senecas over the state's attempts to collect sales tax on reservation sales of cigarettes and gasoline to non-Indians.

The US Supreme Court ruled three years ago that the state could collect the taxes without infringing on the nation's sovereignty. And a state appeals court ruled Friday that Pataki must try to force Indian nations to collect the tax.

Pataki imposed an embargo April 1 to stop gasoline and cigarette deliveries to the Cattaraugus and Allegany reservations after the nation refused to go along with several other Indian nations and comply.

While most smoke shops on the Cattaraugus and Allegany reservations still have stocks of cigarettes to sell and have remained open, all of the gas stations, including the two operated by the nation, have been force to close, resulting in more than 600 layoffs.

Seneca Nation President Michael Schindler said the tribe also has lost income from its lucrative high-stakes bingo because of the strong presence of state troopers since the tax debate began. The number of players "dropped by more than 30% in April," he told the Buffalo News.


The following is a compilation, integrated editorially to protect the names of those writing. - Firehair, Eastern Tribal People's Support and Coalition

This is also what many are feeling -- if the Seneca get "hungry" enough they will allow gambling ... It is really odd that there is a mall in the middle of Salamanca w/ 2 stores in it, owned by a local well to do NA family -- basically empty, many have wondered if someone had visions of casino there. 2 elections ago when Dennis Bowen won the Presidency it was unexpected and the "Seneca Party" (name of the party) was very upset, did everything they could to keep Dennis out of the office, both physically and in name, yet he won -- no sense retelling the whole story here, -- but he did take office , uncovered a lot of corruption.

The Seneca people do not want casino gambling here, it brings much crime and corruption, and they made their view clear in the last two elections, it is generally felt that both Bowen and Schindler have the People in mind as they serve. All may not agree with every little thing that is done, but seeing Michael Schindler give of his time, and energy -- And when ever others speak with him one get a sense of balance, he has always given each one his full attention and never tryed to cut a person short. Even after 12 hours in counsel, when one person showed up, he talked to them for at least an hour. The Senecas are blessed to have him as the President at this time.

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