May 19/97: Call for lawyers to help get Pataki out of Seneca


Regional Action Group for the Environment
8546 Route 408
Nunda, NY 14517
voice/fax: 716-468-3817

May 19, 1997


Wanted: Honest Attorneys with social conscience, willing to perform pro bono work in the interest of peace and justice!!!

RAGE is looking for a few attorneys in various areas around New York State who are willing to file a joint and/or coordinated Article 78 proceeding to force the Governor of NY, the Dept. of Taxation and the NY State Police to obey the laws of New York. We will also be seeking an injunction to prevent the further invasion of NY State reservation lands, to stop the blockade of these lands, to prevent the seizures of fuel tankers, and to prevent these lawless agencies from using NY State tax dollars and the NY State Attorney General's office for their defense.

The actions of the Governor, his personal police force, and the taxation dept. at Onandaga yesterday, May 18, 1997, show the contempt of our legal system and complete disregard for human life Native Peoples have experienced for hundreds of years.

It is time for those of us who care to take swift action. This is our country, these are our employees and they, as all the rest of us must be forced to obey the laws of the land or be imprisoned.

Our group is represented by two talented attorneys who can file this suit in the Rochester/Western NY area. Attorneys from other areas or within this area are urgently needed. Please consider the importance of this issue, and the consequences of not taking a stand at this incredible injustice. We can be reached at the above number, day or night. Thank you for your anticipated help.

In Spirit,
Melissa Jacobs

Grey Wolf and the Eastern Tribal Peoples Rights Association supports the above appeal.

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