May 20/97: Buffalo politicians support Seneca


The following was transcribed from a May 20 WIVB broadcast by Firehair.

"Main story (05/20, 05:39pm) - Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello is among those siding with Seneca Indians in a tax battle with New York State. And News 4's Mylous Hairston reports Niagara Square echoed today with protest over the breaking of age-old promises."

"J.C. Seneca's message echoes throughout Niagara Square as Native Americans rally on the 155th anniversary of the Buffalo Creek Compromise Treaty of 1842. That's backed up in the treaty which reads in part...To protect such of the lands of the Senecas within the state of New York...from all taxes and assessments for roads, highways and other purposes..."

"Just last week, State Supreme Court Justice Rose Sconiers ordered New York state to lift its blockade of gasoline and cigarettes shipments to Seneca reservations. Native Americans say they'll continue to use the courts and peaceful protests to get their message through to state leaders."

It was a positive broadcast, also stated was that this was the 18th sovereignty dispute, and they have always won. Don Postles, the commentator, looked like he had swollowed something bad, and said "In 18 times they have always won in New York State Courts," to which his co-anchor said "they are 18 for 18", when did this become sport, but I shouldn't complain, it was positive coverage, local politicians speaking out support.

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