May 20/97: Condemnation of NYS attack on Iroquois


Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with the Native Peoples (CASNP)

CASNP. 20-May-97. The trumped up charges and conditions of release did not keep the Onondaga and their supporters in jail for long. New York State Troopers on orders of Oren Lyons, Irving Powless and Ollie Gibson, used "Gaestapo tactics and then dragged them off to jail" during a peaceful gathering on private land within Onondaga Nation Territory. The Onondaga have denounced Oren Lyons as having no authority to sign anything for them, that they are invalid.

In checking with the Onondaga Indian Agent on enrollment, interesting information came to light. According to the Iroquois Constitution, the Great Law of Peace, the line of descent is through the mother and clan. Accordingly, Oren Lyons and Irving Powless are not Onondaga and have no right to be enrolled because their mothers are not Onondaga. Oren Lyons removed himself a long time ago from the Seneca roll. Irving Powless Jr.'s grandmother and mother are non-native, which makes him a non-native. They can never get on the Onondaga roll and if they do, it will not be legal. New York State is aware of this, so NYS and Oren Lyons started a new roll. He enrolled himself and those he chooses on it.

Judge Miller, who arraigned the arrested Iroquois people, was apparently at the site of the attack. In the court room, with Ollie Gibson standing beside him, one activist, who was beaten by seven Troopers, one of whom tried to snap his neck, told the judge that "I am a Mohawk citizen and this court has no jurisdiction". Most of those arraigned referred to themselves as "Prisoners of War", and refused to sign documents, or take a court appointed lawyers and stood mute before the court. Gibson demanded an "order of protection" for himself, Oren Lyons and Irving Powless. "These trouble makers don't know our laws", Gibson told the judge. Judge Miller responded, "I disagree. They know their laws and our laws too! In fact, you, Mr. Gibson, don't know your laws! You can't stop them from going back to their homes". The judge was furious at Gibson, Lyons and Powless, "Don't bring me another case like this again!" One non-native was arrested with the Indians. He declared his own sovereignty to the court, "I am a common law natural citizen".

The attacks were well planned in advance. The Troopers closed off the road, lined up their cars down the road with the riot police behind the cars, who came from behind the cars and marched in formation toward the Idnians. As they go closer, they encircled the Indians. Their informant pointed out people for the Troopers to attack. Many Troopers lost control. Young children and old people were hit and then some arrested. The next court appearance is on Thursday, May 27th in Syracuse Court.

NYS Governor Pataki and his Indian collaborators were angry over the Indians' victory in the courts. NYS can't tax Indians. The deals between Pataki and these ocorrupt people are illegal and ultra vires.

Said a spokesperson for the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations (LISN), "These constant attacks on Indians in the Western Hemisphere on a one to one basis is over with. We are many nations but one people. We want our human rights. The Iroquois people are the founders of democracy. Oren Lyons and his people at Onondaga decreeing that the Indian people have no right to assemble is destroying the Great Law of Peace, the Iroquois cosntitution. Lyons said only 4 people can meet at a time. That is what dictators do! The Indigenous people in South America are very familiar with such terror tactics.

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