May 21/97: Seneca - mainstream clipping


Albany Times-Union
May 21, 1997

[SISIS note: The following mainstream news article is provided for reference only, as an example of how mainstream media treats indigenous resistance to genocide. It may contain biased and distorted information and may be missing pertinent facts and/or context.]

BUFFALO (AP) - The whole thing's pretty simple to Larry Ballagh.

If Gov. George Pataki insists on collecting taxes from the Seneca Nation of Indians, the Senecas get the city of Buffalo back.

It makes sense, he said, since the Senecas gave up the land on which Buffalo sits with the promise they would be protected from tax issues.

"If Gov. Pataki is successful, does that set aside the treaty?" the former tribal councilor asked Tuesday at a rally marking the 155th anniversary of the signing of the Buffalo Creek Treaty.

The rally outside City Hall comes as the Senecas battle the state's attempts to force them to tax sales of gasoline and cigarettes to non-Indians at their reservation smoke shops and gas stations.

Mayor Anthony Masiello, introduced by J.C. Seneca Tuesday as "the current caretaker of our Buffalo Creek," pledged his solidarity to the Indians' cause. [Transcriptionist's note - why does my BS alarm always go off when somebody in power promises 'solidarity'?]

Article 9 of the 1842 treaty says "the parties...mutually protect such of the lands of the Seneca Indians, within the State of New York, as may from time to time remain in their possession from all taxes and assessments for roads, highways or any other purpose" until the Indians relinquish ownership of the lands.

[end article - the article is accompanied by a lovely and big picture of Seneca women Natasha Snow, Jennifer Montour, Jerri Seneca and Neasa Seneca holding up a banner of the sun with a Iroquois man's profile in it]

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