May 30/97: Pataki appeals Judge Sconier's decision


Friday, 30 May 1997
Mohawk Nation Office - Kahnawake Branch

NYS Governor George Pataki today is appealing Judge Sconier's decision. This seems to contradict his announcement of May 22, 1997 regarding introduction of a Bill to State Legislature that fuel and gasoline would be tax-free to all, including non-native residents. Sconier's decision deemed Pataki's agreements with Tuscarora, Tonawanda, Onondaga, Shinnecock, illegal. It is rumoured that those individuals who signed for this agreement have pressured Pataki to appeal Sconier's decision. WHY?

Is it because the illegal agreement allows for these individuals to have the State Police at their own beck and call, just as they ordered on May 18, 1997 the New York State to attack Iroquois Citizens on the Onondaga Territory? We urge people to call the Governor's office and ask questions.

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