Oct 29/97: Conversation with Seneca Chief Schindler


Wednesday, October 29, 1997

The following excerpts are from a conversation between Seneca Chief Mike Schindler and a supporter of the Seneca tax resisters.

Question: Is Pataki going to shut down the Cigarettes and gas again?

Schindler: This is what is heard, there is no time schedule but he is definitely talking about how to do it "right" this time. We don't know when this will happen, but Pataki is considering it. Maybe after the court makes its ruling.

Question: What about different industries, besides gas and cigs?

Schindler: (Big smile and nod of the head) Yes, we are working on 2 main projects, first we want to remake the Main Street over into an area that attracts tourists, we are thinking of something along the lines of "the Santa Fe" of the east. Also we are in negotiations with a Korean business man who wants to form a partnership with the nation to open an airplane factory. He has visited twice and is very interested, there are the drawbacks, such as a new administration every two years and that is one of the things we are working on a contract that will go from administration to administration easily.

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