Sep 10/97: Sovereignty jeopardized


Stephen Jones
September 10, 1997

For 10 years now, the so-called Traditional Chiefs of Onondaga have said that they were exercising their sovereign right to call in County Sheriffs to handle problems on the reservation.

This was proven to be another lie that was uncovered yesterday in the town court on Onondaga Hill. According to Judge Philip C. Miller, he has all Jurisdiction over the Onondaga Nation because the Chiefs/Joe Heath has given him permission to handle all internal affairs. The State of New York has jurisdiction over all Six Nation Territories.

The so-called Chiefs and Clanmothers were told by the people during the selling of the fireworks standoff and the business blockade and the protest fire, that calling the Sheriffs into our internal problems we would lose our sovereignty. The Chiefs and their followers did not listen to the people.

It is time to use our rights in the Great Law to save the children of the Seventh Generation to come by putting our differences aside and working together with the Six Nation members to correct our illegal Council of Chiefs and Clanmothers at Onondaga, who has helped the white man try to destroy our way of life and traditions.

The story that Doug George wrote in last Sunday's paper explains just how the so-called Chiefs of Onondaga are running our traditional government. The "secretive three who determine the fate of the nation", (Virgil, Oren, Irving). The private club, (chiefs, clanmother, followers). Passing on to the next generation the cleaning up of the wastes caused by the junkyard and the dump. Returning the power to the people, which the people of Onondaga don't have. He also quotes the Great Law about banishment, which also needs to be done at Onondaga.

It is time to get off the fence and speak up before it's too late. There will be nothing holding the Six Nations together if we as Onondagas don't use the Great Law. The Six Nation Confederacy Members are waiting for the word from Onondaga people to come and help.

Support the Protest Fire!

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