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This page is a compilation of articles and news from various sources regarding Taiwan's indigenous people. These will be updated periodicly. We welcome any comments you might have about this page as this is in the initial stages of development.

Background information:

 Taiwan's Languages  A summary of Taiwan's languages and their status.
  Report to UN 1993 : This was given to the UN year of Indigenous people in 1993 by

Environmental Issues:
  Yami People Protest Nuclear Waste Dump : This article from 1995 outlines the history of waste on Lanyu Island.

 Volunteer Translators are needed to help translate statements and articles from Chinese to English
The language barrier is a serious problem for the Taiwan's Aboriginal Peoples' communications with other indigenous peoples and concerned individuals around the world. If you are able to read and translate Chinese to English you could help this webpage and Taiwan's Aboriginal Peoples by translating from time to time press releases, news articles, and other related materials. Your translation need not by perfect since I can proofread and edit it.

Send e-mail with any articles, comments or suggestions to Mark at
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