Mar 02/98: Onondaga dictatorship attacks own people


Mohawk Nation News
Monday, March 2, 1998

MNN. Mohawk Nation News. 02.Mar.98. Reports are coming in that the dictatorship at the Onondaga Nation near Syracuse New York has attacked their own people, namely the people who are trying to build businesses to support their own economy. Eye witnesses said that so-called Chief Oren Lyons, the darling of the international corporate regime, and so called Chief Virgil Thomas, lead the attacks against unarmed and defenseless business people. Four businesses were torched and bulldozed. The nearby Sheriffs department blocked off the roads so that no one could assist the business people who being attacked. Well-informed sources believe that the United States federal and New York State governments are involved, following strategy developed by the Indian Law Resource Centre headed by Tim Coulter.

According to the Annual Reports of the Indian Law Resource Centre, they are working closely with the so-called chiefs to bring the federal and state government onto Onondaga sovereign territory in order to completely control and destroy any Indigenous economy that is established by the grass roots people.

Background: The issue is that the so called chiefs do not want to be sovereign and they are doing everything they can to destroy the sovereignty of the Onondaga people by getting rid of any economy that the people attempt to build.

Buelah: "We just got word this morning that the so-called chiefs were going to shut us down today. There were only five of us at Smoke Signals, me (Buelah), Michele, Kent, Joan and Mike, when all these goons lead by Oren Lyons pulled up. Audrey Shenandoah, his puppet clan mother, with Vince Johns, Betty Jacobs and Dorothy Webster, his other pawns, came up to the store. Kent went out to talk to them followed by his sister Michele. They handed Michele a paper, ordering them to close down their businesses. They bickered back and forth for a few moments. Michel said, "We aren't going to close the peoples' business". They signaled to the crew that were waiting alongside the road, about 40 to 50 of them. Then Oren Lyons yelled 'attack the businesses and destroy them totally'. With weapons, torches, bulldozers they started to attack the people and their stores. Arlin Pierce and a gang of about eight guys ran and jumped Kent. They started punching, kicking and jumping on him. Kent's sister, Michele, jumped in to help her brother, then a gang of women jumped on her and beat her up. They punched, kicked, pulled her hair and jumped on her too. Then Betty Jacobs said, "Okay, you can stop now". She threatened Michele to cooperate with them otherwise they would beat her up again. "If you do what you're told,this won't happen again. You're not doing what the chiefs want is making all this happen, Michele". Then I heard Joan screaming hysterically. I tried to get Stone Horse. Then I dialed 911 and told them that two people are getting beaten up by Oren Lyon's goons. Sheriff Kevin Wall told us to call them when we needed help. But instead the Troopers were already there to help Oren Lyons carry out his dirty deed. They closed up Highway 81 so no one could help us and let Oren Lyon's goons beat us up, threaten to kill us and destroy our stores. Then Oren Lyons directed the goons to run into a trailer. They threw our merchandise off the shelves and set them on fire. Then Jake Edwards with the bulldozer started to mow down the building. They poured gas on everything and burned everything up. Then Oren Lyons told Jake Edwards to drive the bulldozer over to the little gas station and started to hit it. Joan was inside and just as she ran out the whole building collapsed. They almost killed her. Then Oren Lyons ordered his goons to go to Oliver Hill's and burn and bulldozed his business. They even destroyed his white house behind his business. Oren Lyons then ordered his gang to go across the road to the Bucktooth's business and bulldozed their building right into the ground. Then they went to the Shenandoah's and bulldozed that down too. After they demolished all these businesses, Oren Lyons ordered them all to leave fast before any cameras arrived. That was around 2:00. Everything is completely destroyed. The TV crew came as fast as they could and some managed to get some film footage".

"These shops were for the people and disbursements from the profits were going to the Onondaga people. December to February had already been given out and they were just getting ready to disburse the fourth one. But Oren Lyons' attack even destroyed all the money which was burned up. I don't know what's going to happen now. Its a dictatorship. They want smoke shops and businesses to be owned and operated only by the so-called chiefs".

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