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The Haudenosaunee Confederacy (a.k.a. Iroquois or Six Nations Confederacy) encompasses the sovereign Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora nations. Haudenosaunee means "people who build" or "people of the longhouse." The Mohawk are the Keepers of the Eastern Door, the Onondaga are the Keepers of the Central Fire, and the Seneca are the Keepers of the Western Door.

According to the Ganondagan State Historic Site, people of the Six Nations who live within Haudenosaunee lands today live in sixteen communities in lands known colonially as "New York State", "Oklahoma", "Wisconsin", "Ontario", and "Canada". We are providing the following geographical descriptions from the Ganondagan site so that people may get some sense of where communities are located. The use of colonial descriptions is in no way intended to validate colonial assertion of jurisdiction in any of these areas; the use of quotation marks around colonial names is to indicate that these are colonial misnomers, not real names denoting areas of jurisdiction.

In "New York", there are communities of the following nations:

   Mohawk Nation
      Akwesasne: a few miles east of Massena
      Ganlengeh: near Altona, north of Plattsburgh

   Oneida Nation
      Near Oneida, Madison County, on Route 46

   Onondaga Nation
      Onondaga: just south of Syracuse, on Route 11A

   Seneca Nation
      Tonawanda: southeast of Lockport
      Allegany: at Salamanca, between Jamestown and Olean
      Cattaragus: northwest of Gowanda, southwest of Buffalo

   Tuscarora Nation
      Tuscarora: near Lewiston, north of Niagara Falls
In "Wisconsin", there is a community of the Oneida Nation at Oneida, near Green Bay.

In "Oklahoma", there is a community of the Cayuga Nation near Turkey Ford, northeast "Oklahoma".

In "Canada", there are communities of the following nations: 

   Mohawk Nation
      Kahnawake: just across the St. Lawrence River, south of Montreal
      Kanehsatà:ke: on the Ottawa River, about 20 miles northwest of Montreal (named "Oka" by settlers)
      Akwesasne: south of Cornwall, "Ontario"
      Tyendinaga (Deseronto): at Deseronto, east of Belleville, "Ontario"
      Gibson: southeast of Georgian Bay, near Bala, "Ontario"

   Oneida Nation
      Oneida: southwest of London, "Ontario"

   All Nations represented
      Six Nations Reserve: near Brantford, "Ontario"


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Historical information

* many documents relating to the Haudenosaunee

* The Great Law of Peace - GAYANASHAGOWA, the Constitution of the Haudenosaunee Nations

* Gus-Wen-Tah (Two Row Wampum) - This treaty was made between the Rotinonson:ni and the Dutch, and the British in North America, and was intended to establish "a great peace" between the sovereign nations.

General Confederacy updates

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Nov 01/98: Six Nations election chaos

Jun 16/98: What is Crown's responsibility to Six Nations?
May 25/98: Justice for Iroquois through Canada's mistake?
Sep / 95: March for Haudenosaunee women's rights

Updates of Nations of the Six Nations Confederacy

Cayuga Nation

Mohawk Nation

Oneida Nation

Ongoing updates available from

Onondaga Nation

Seneca Nation

Tuscarora Nation

Jan 06/98: Tuscarora position on Project OK

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