Mar 7/98: NY military plans for Onondaga-Gallant Piper


'Gallant Piper' For Use Against Indigenous Peoples

Mohawk Nation News
Saturday, March 7, 1998

Gallant Piper, a New York State military operation, is still in effect. This communique reminds us, our allies, friends, supporters, the general public and the world that New York State planned to attack the Iroquois and other New York State Indigenous territories in 1995-96-97 and 98. It is still in effect and if any resistance had been enountered on Onondaga Territory on March 2nd 1998, then New York State Governor George Pataki would most likely have called them in to take over the territories and remove the sovereign governments.

Videos and photos of Oren Lyons conducting the attack on the business men, the burning and demolishing of the shops are available. Contact and

The following document was sent to Mohawk Nation News.

To whom it may concern,

I have in my files a document "for official use only" {classification}

Date Time:101200R Jul 95
Subj: WARNING ORDER-division of military and navel affairs- aid to civilian authorities


Planning and appropriate staff coordination will commence immediately in support of anticipated militant reaction from the warrior nations. The NYARNG on order will provide a ready reaction force to support DSP anywhere within the vic. of the St. Regis Indian Reservation {Akwesasne Mohawk}, The Cattaraugus Indian Reservation {Silver Creek}, and possibly the Onondaga Indian Reservation in civil disturbance operation or as an assault force.




C. TF 42d id will be prepared to support the dsp with civil disturbance operations any where within the vic. of the St. Regis Indian Reservation and possibly the Onondaga Indian Reservation.

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