Mar 7/98: LISN support for Onondaga people


Excerpted by Mohawk Nation News
Saturday, March 7, 1998

From: Chief Billy Redwing Tayac, League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations

To: Chief Thomas Tubbert, Onondaga County Sheriff's Department
Fax: (315) 435-2942

[Excerpts of letter]

Proprietors of these peoples' owned business were beaten by an angry mob lead by Oren Lyons while the Sheriff's department blocked off roads so that no one could help the victims. The state and federal governments have embarked on a trail of terrorism on the citizens of Onondaga and other territories. The chiefs have imposed taxes on businesses and refuse to account for the millions of dollars that have been collected. When businesses refuse to pay or place the money in accounts that are dispersed to the people, the oppressive chiefs relatiate with the torching and bulldozing of these businesses while the New York State Police and Fire Department close down all access to the business district. These business people have no recourse in the legal system of the Onondaga Nation, New York State or the federal government because of the collusion pact between between the three parties. On other occasions, such as the incident last May, the Police invaded, beat and arrested Indigenous people that were peacefully assembled at the orders of the Onondaga government. Another similarity is the creation of a goon squad that obeys and carries out many brutal attacks on the citizens of Onondaga - even upon women and children. Isn't there a point when a situation is no longer an internal matter but enter the realm of international illegal violation of human rights. When people are beaten, their businesses and homes are torn down with authorities so close by that they narrowly escape from the falling structure, when other homes are threatened with burning and demolishment, especially while the State assists the perpetrators by blocking off roads, these are abuses of concern to the global community. The Sheriff's Department has no business in assisting an oppressive tribal government in abusing its citizenry. We urge them to stop immediately allowing these human rights violations at Onondaga. We must all continue to monitor and to respond to the situation at Onondaga.

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