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The Mohawk Nation is a sovereign nation that is part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (an alliance of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora nations). The Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs is at Akwesasne. There is also a branch of the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake.

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From the Mohawk Nation - Kahnawake branch website:

The People of the Longhouse are the original government of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk). Their jurisdiction comes from the Kaienerekowa or Great Law of Peace. The Kanienkehaka have three clans or extended families: Bear, Turtle and Wolf. We are a matrilineal society. The women pass on the clans through their children. The activities of this office are to carry out the collective decisions of the People in all social, cultural, and political areas. All decisions are based on three criteria: Peace, Righteousness, and Power.

The Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs

From the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs' web site:
"The Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs is an acknowledged administrative agency for the Mohawk people. As a full member of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, it has a nation-to-nation relationship with the United States via the Treaty of Canadaigua, a very powerful position." ... "The Mohawk Nation Council, its Chiefs, Clanmothers and Faithkeepers are not to be confused with the St. Regis (Mohawk) Tribal Council.

The St. Regis Tribal Council is a form of government that was forceably imposed upon the Akwesasne Mohawk people by New York State in 1892. Our people have consistently resisted and rebuked this form of government throughout its history. It has only shown significant consideration since 1972, when it gained federal recognition, and it began to administer much needed health, welfare and social service programs to this community.

The St. Regis Tribal Council exists because the United States Government has chosen to recognize a "a government that it created", instead of the one that was given to the Mohawk people by the Creator. It is unfortunate that it has become the government recognized by New York State and the Federal government as the legal entity at Akwesasne....

The St. Regis Tribal Council has elected Chiefs who hold office for three year terms. Even though they are Mohawk people, they do not represent the Sovereign Mohawk Nation. They only represent the St. Regis Tribal Council....

The St. Regis Tribal Council government that was created by New York State is not a sovereign nation. It is merely a creation of New York State. New York cannot create sovereign nations nor can it take away Sovereignty that is vested in the Mohawk Nation Council."

The Mohawk Nation Council and its Chiefs are located at:
The Mohawk Nation
Akwesasne Mohawk Territory
P.O. Box 366
Via Rooseveltown, New York

tel: (518) 358-3326 or (518) 358-3381
fax: (518) 358-3488

The present representatives of the Mohawk Nation Council are:
Teharoniakarenrons - Edward Gray, Turtle Clan
Tekanatsiasere - Brian Skidders, Wolf Clan
Teharonianeken - Jake Swamp, Wolf Clan
Arihote - Curtis Nelson, Bear Clan
Otistsakenra - Charles Patton, Bear Clan

The Kahnawake Branch of the Mohawk Nation

The Kahnawake Branch of the Mohawk Nation is located at:
P.O. Box 732
Kahnawake Mohawk Territory
via Quebec, Canada
J0L 1B0

tel: (514) 638-0383


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Mar 16/98: Demonstration against Oaxaca trade agreement
Mar 10/98: Mohawks protest Canada-Mexico trade agreement

Jan 21/98: Oaxaca-Kahnawake trade convention deferred
Jan 13/98: Mohawks angry with agreement
Jan 06/98: Tuscarora position on Project OK
Jan 04/98: Two Mohawks with Canada trade mission<
Jan 02/98: Oneida Nation position on Project OK

Dec 28/97: CASNP letter re trade with Mexico
Dec 28/97: Mohawk call for support
Dec 27/97: Appeal for assistance to stop 'Project OK'
Dec 22/97: Mohawks on protection of intellectual property


Nov 11/97: Why ADM is out of Kahnawake
Nov 08/97: Warrior Society position on ADM
Nov 06/97: ADM "on hold" in Kahnawake

Oct 31/97: Mohawk band council backs down
Oct 31/97: Beware of multinationals!
Oct 29/97: Kahnawake Women's Council position on ADM
Oct 23/97: Mohawk opposition to ADM heats up
Oct 17/97: Students and parents fight multinational
Oct 15/97: ADM and prairie grain takeover

Sep 24/97: Kahnawake Survival School threatened by multinational


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Main index of updates concerning the Six Nations Confederacy & taxation

Jun 17/98: Kahnawake Mohawk position on taxes
Jun 05/98: Norton negotiates away more Mohawk sovereignty
May 27/98: Mohawk position on Quebec taxation

Jun 15/97: NYS & Oren Lyons: crimes against Confederacy since 1988
May 21/97: MNCC statement and proposal for reconciliation
May 21/97: Clipping - Mohawks deny Pataki deal
May 20/97: Mohawk tribal councillor spanked by clan mothers
Apr 24/97: MNCC' statement regarding interim tax agreement
Apr 22/97: Rotiskenrakete Warrior Society pledges support to Seneca
Mar 31/97: Kanienkehaka statement on interim tax agreement


Nov 07/98: US court rules against Mohawk sovereignty

Nov 05/98: Court backs Mohawks not paying duty

Oct 15/98: Mohawk band council negotiates w/quebec
Sep 22/98: Charges against Mohawk activist thrown out
Jun 18/98: Can band council assert Mohawk sovereignty?
Jun 01/98: Protest against phoney council

Sep 23/97: Clipping - Operation Rez Bust
Aug 18/97: Canadian govt. returns land to Mohawks
Jul 15/97: Comparing the Great Law with Handsome Lake Code
Jun 15/97: How Iroquois Chiefs conspired against Mohawks at Oka, 1990
May 20/97: Oka Warrior 'Lasagna' turns himself in
May 13/97: Mohawk midwife: "Trust our own knowledge"
May 01/97: Another perspective on Warrior Societies
Apr 29/97: Akwesasne raided by police
Apr 28/97: Warrior Societies integral to Haudenosaunee

Dec 18/96: Kahnawake Council statement on Royal Commission
Jul 08/96: Council of Chiefs' letter to Ovide Mercredi, re: sovereignty
Jun 16/96: Kahnawake Council: protest Bill S-9's "self-government" fraud

Oct 22/95: Kahnawake Mohawk position on the breakup of Canada
Sep 11/95: Report on Mohawk action
Sep 11/95: Mohawks march against OPP murder of Stoney Pointer
Sep 09/95: Kahnawake declaration of defense
Sep 08/95: Kahnawake letter to Jean Chretien re: Stoney Point/Gust Lake
Aug 30/95: Mohawks seize Crown building in support of Ts'peten Defenders

Oct 12/94: Kanesatake and Kahnawake remembered

Oct 14/92: Kanonsonni:onwe Statement on the 1990 standoff


Mohawk home pages

Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs:
Akwesasne Mohawk Territory
P.O. Box 366, via Rooseveltown, New York, USA 13683-0196
Tel: (518) 358-3326 or (518) 358-3381
Fax: (518) 358-3488

Mohawk Nation, Kahnawake Branch:
P.O. Box 732
Kahnawake Mohawk Territory
via Quebec, Canada, J0L 1B0
Tel: (514) 638-0383

Mohawk Nation News:
P.O. Box 991, Kahnawake Mohawk Territory
(via Quebec, Canada) J0L 1B0
Tel: 450-635-8696
Fax: 450-635-8693

Treaties and constitutional documents

Gus-Wen-Tah (Two Row Wampum) - This treaty was made between the Rotinonson:ni and the Dutch, and the British in North America, and was intended to establish "a great peace" between the sovereign nations.

The Great Law of Peace - GAYANASHAGOWA, the Constitution of the Iroquois Nations

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