Jan 4/98: Two Mohawks with Canada trade mission


Mohawk Nation News
Sunday, January 4, 1998

Greetings Brothers and Sisters:


The Mohawk Band Council misrepresenting the Mohawk Nation and calling themselves the "Mohawks of Kahnawake" will be signing an international trade agreement January 18th 1998 with the 'Indigenous People of Oaxaca' against the will and wishes of the Mohawk people.

The two people who are going down to Mexico with the Canadian government trade mission to make this trade agreement on behalf of the Mohawk Nation are Joseph Tokwiro Norton and Andrew Delisle. They represent the band council which is part of the Canadian government. In fact, they are working for the Canadian government even though they are Mohawk. There's been intense opposition by the Mohawk people in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory against Norton and Delisle and their business proposition and their theft of Iroquois cultural symbols with the help ob Canada and Mexico. The deal being set up between Canada and Mexico is to set up labour camps in Oaxaca to make Iroquois arts and crafts for worldwide marketing. There is a lack of permission and support for 'Project OK' because it is illegal and mostly because of the human rights violations of Indigenous People in Mexico. The Mohawk are angered and distrubed by their determination to go to Mexico with the Canadian government to sign this deal.

Can anyone find out who the other party is in Oaxaca? The Mohawk have tried to find out but cannot. It's being kept a secret. Imagine, making a deal with Mexico which just murdered Indigenous people! The Mohawk are having a solidarity march this Friday from the Montreal Friendship Centre to the Mexican Consultate. Can this information be passed on to the Mayans and can they get any information for the Mohawk? Many thanks.

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