Jan 13/98: Mohawks angry with agreement


Mohawk Nation News (MNN)
Tuesday, January 13, 1998

MNN. -- Andrew Delisle has been sent by Joeseph Tokwiro Norton, representing the Kahnawake band council which is part of the Canadian government, to Mexico to make a deal to have Iroquois/Mohawk arts and craft cheaply made in Oaxaca.

Andrew Delisle has been anointed a "chief" by Joseph Tokwiro Norton to sign an agreement with Emilia Garcia Guzman of ARIPO a group set up under the ruling Mexican Government to manufacture Mohawk/Iroquois arts and crafts using cheap labour in Oaxaca for worldwide sales. This agreement is actually between Canada and Mexico. Andrew Delisle has no authority and is not a "chief" as he is passing himself off. He is a private business man and is in effect stealing the intellectual cultural property of the Mohawks/Iroquois for his own and the band council's purposes. "Why can't these artifacts be manufactured in Mohawk territories by the Mohawk people who suffer from one of the highest unemployment rates?", ask the Mohawks.

They are asking persons to send Madame Guzman's email to them so they can let her know of their concerns about the theft of their symbols and the fraudulent misrepresentation of the Mohawk Nation by Andrew Delisle. Madame Guzman is with a group tied to the governor of Oaxaca, ARIPO, and is a federal deputy in the Mexican congress, representing the PRI, the governmental party.

The Mohawks are angry and opposed to this illegal business deal. Right now they are in darkness without hydro and heat because of the harsh icy winter storms that have ravaged Northeastern North America.

"At this very difficult time Andrew Delisle sneaks out of our community to make a deal behind our backs with the same Mexican government we condemn for their policy of genocide against our Indigenous brothers and sisters in Acteal. Words cannot express our disdain for Andrew Delisle's actions on behalf of Joseph Tokwiro Norton".

When Andrew Delisle arrived with the Canada Trade Mission more Indigenous people, including a baby, were killed by the military forces of the PRI ruling government of Mexico. The Mohawk once again inform their Indigenous brothers and sisters in Mexico that they deplore these actions of the Mexican government against the Indigenous people and that of the Canadian government's Indian mafia such as Andrew Delisle.

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