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Oct 29/98: APEC protesters support Ipperwash inquiry

Oct 28/98: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, cont.

Oct 08/98: Christian Peacemakers call for inquiry
Oct 05/98: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, cont.

Sep 17/98: Ipperwash incident records missing
Sep 06/98: Canada's NDP leader supports inquiry

Jun 24/98: Ombudsman asked to probe Ipperwash case
Jun 04/98: Tories delay Ipperwash probe
Jun 02/98: TSSU supports Gustafsen/Ipperwash inquiries

May 23/98: Renewed call for inquiry into Ipperwash siege

Dec 18/97: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, Part 7
Dec 18/97: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, Part 6
Dec 10/97: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, Part 5

Nov 28/97: Still no government commitment to inquiry
Nov 18/97: AFN calls for Gustafsen/Stoney Point inquiry

Sep 29/97: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, Part 4
Sep 15/97: International day of e-mail action
Sep 06/97: Remember Dudley George!

Aug 20/97: Ontario Legislature discussion: Petition supporting inquiry
Aug 20/97: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, Part 3
Aug 19/97: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, Part 2
Aug 18/97: Ontario Legislature discussion on inquiry, Part 1

Jul 17/97: Ontario calls for inquiry, BC silent on Gustafsen
Jul 14/97: Canada moves to gut inquiries
Jul 09/97: AG Office occupied to demand for inquiry

May 03/97: Harris called liar; George's brother demands inquiry

Mar 04/97: Ont. Premier Harris dismisses inquiry calls
Mar 04/97: Ontario NDP call for Ipperwash inquiry


Apr 04/98: Stoney Pointer Warren George gets 6 months jail

Feb 12/98: Warren George convicted
Feb 07/98: Court support needed for Warren George

Dec 17/97: Stoney Pointer acquitted of assault charge
Dec 16/97: Stoney Pointer drove car to stop beating

Oct 07/97: Firearms charges withdrawn in final trials

Sep 29/97: Two charges dropped

Jun 06/97: Update: acquittals and convictions

May 09/97: Forcible entry charges dropped for 3 Stoney Pointers
May 08/97: OPP officers not sure who started occupation
May 07/97: Teen driving bus hoped to stop beating

Mar 31/97: Report on the trials of various Stoney Pointers
Mar 28/97: Clipping - Bernard George testifies
Mar 27/97: Clipping - Youth drove bus to stop beating
Mar 26/97: Clipping - OPP pounded shields
Mar 25/97: Clipping compilations
Mar 12/97: Clipping - 'Standoff' reaction to danger
Mar 11/97: Clipping - Tire slashers used by soldiers
Mar 10/97: Army told to get off Stoney Point land

Feb 24/97: Meeting with chief federal negotiator

Dec 24/96: New trial dates set
Dec 12/96: Pretrial adjourned yet again!

Oct 30/96: Colin Browne a no-show
Oct 26/96: Colin Browne appointed as defense lawyer
Oct 24/96: Charges against Stewart George resolved
Oct 22/96: Trials begin - Crown withdraws 43 charges
Oct 21/96: Charges dropped against 20 of 26 Stoney Pointers

May / 96: Trial date set for Stoney Point members


May 22/98: Document from Deane's appeal contradicts OPP

Nov / 97: Community sentence for Dudley George's murderer

Jul 30/97: Crown appeals Deane's sentence
Jul 27/97: Vigil for appeal of Deane's sentence
Jul 23/97: Life is cheap if you go by jail time
Jul 04/97: Deane sentenced - Just-us, not justice

Apr 29/97: Deane found guilty!
Apr 17/97: Overview and analysis of testimony to date
Apr 11/97: Crown calls OPP Team Leader a liar
Apr 10/97: Officer testifies he thought George had stick, not gun
Apr 09/97: Deane thought Dudley George had gun
Apr 08/97: SIU slammed for handling of evidence
Apr 07/97: "I saw people running for cover" - Stoney Pointer testifies

Jul 24/96: Police officer charged in Ipperwash shooting


Jul 07/98: Police summary of siege reveals exaggerated fear

Aug 18/97: Clippings - Harris & Harnick subpoenaed re: George murder

Dec 04/96: Ontario officials refuse to clarify info on murder
Nov 22/96: The death of Dudley George
Jul 26/96: Race for life failed to save Dudley George

Sep 25/95: The Militant - Protest govt. assault on native rights activists
Sep 16/95: The Militant - Canada: Government is the criminal

Sep 11/95: Mohawks march against Ontario police killings
Sep 11/95: Report on Mohawk action

Sep 09/95: Eye-witness account of shootings
Sep 09/95: Haudenosaunee declaration of defence
Sep 08/95: Five Nations letter to Jean Chretien
Sep 07/95: National defence docs on "Ipperwash"
Sep 06/95: Dudley George murdered


Oct 25/98: Military unit spied on Stoney Pointers

Oct 09/98: Non-natives resist turning land back over to natives

Jun 24/98: Solicitor-General kept Ipperwash records
Jun 23/98: Ministry told to look harder for Ipperwash docs
Jun 18/98: Camp Ipperwash deal signed despite protests
Jun 17/98: Deal to be signed on Camp Ipperwash

May 20/98: Natives lose Ipperwash Beach land claim

Jan 23/98: Minimal compensation for Stoney Point families
Jan 21/98: Ipperwash plan shocks province
Jan 12/98: OPP invasion bill tops $2 million

Sep 08/97: BC's Right-wing Report: "Treason" by "Native Insurrectionists"
Jul 09/97: Letter to editor - Celebrate resistance, not genocide
May 22/97: Stoney Point demo announcement
Mar 06/97: Upcoming benefit for Stoney Point people

1996: Declaration of the Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig

Sep 21/96: Update; Mackenzie Institute and ON-FIRE
Jul 25/96: Police chief breaks 10-month silence on Ipperwash
Jul 11/96: Police claim hidden armored vehicle was "ambulance"
Jun / 96: Peace Brigades International report - Visit to Ipperwash

Also see ARA-Toronto's pages in solidarity with Stoney Point:

Editor's Note: When this site was originally created, it was given a URL containing the name "Ipperwash". In 1997, it was brought to my attention that although the mainstream media and government have persistently called the territory in question "Ipperwash", the indigenous occupants of the territory call it Aazhoodena or Stoney Point. Regrettably, to change the URL at this point would lead to problems from links from other sites. The use of the name "Ipperwash" in the URLs of these pages is in no way intended to legitimize the colonial governments' appropriation and misnaming of the Aazhoodena territory. My apologies to the Aazhoodena/Stoney Point people for my error.

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