Jul 30/97: Crown appeals Deane's sentence


OPP Sergeant shot Indian at Ipperwash Park

Toronto Star
Wednesday, July 30, 1997
Peter Edwards, Staff Reporter

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The provincial government is appealing for a stiffer penalty for the Ontario Provincial Police officer convicted of killing Anthony (Dudley) George at Ipperwash Provincial Park.

Acting OPP Sergeant Kenneth Deane was spared jail and sentenced to two years less a day of community service after being found guilty of criminal negligence causing death for the fatal shooting on September 6, 1995.

Deane must perform 180 hours of community service and cannot possess a firearm for the length of the sentence, Judge Hugh Fraser ruled.

Fraser concluded that Deane knew George was unarmed when he fired three shots at him at close range with a sub-machine gun.


He also ruled that Deane and two other OPP officers lied on the witness stand during Deane's trial.

Deane's sentence earlier this month was met with cries of rage and disgust from Indians in the Sarnia courtroom.

Two weeks ago, a small group of demonstrators occupied the lobby and an office at the Attorney-General's Office to protest the sentence.

During the protest, Pierre George, a brother of Dudley George, called for an appeal of Deane's sentence and a public inquiry into the violence at Ipperwash Provincial Park.

Officials of the attorney-general yesterday filed legal papers asking that the sentence be increased, saying it does not reflect the gravity of the offense.

The documents make no mention of what penalty should be imposed.

Deane's lawyer Norman Peel told Southam News he was saddened when he learned of the appeal yesterday.

He said Deane is also appealing to have the conviction overturned.

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