Jun 6/97: Stoney Point trials - update


For Immediate Release
Friday, June 6, 1997

prepared by Anti-Racist Action-Toronto
(with files from the London Free Press and Toronto Star)

On fourth anniversary of return home, Stoney Pointers still in courts!

Trials against Stoney Pointers charged in connection with the return to their traditional territory continued throughout May 1997, four years after the Stoney Pointers set-up tents and lean-to's on their traditional territories, formerly known as Camp Ipperwash. Yet the provincial government led by Mike Harris is still refusing to call a public inquiry into the shooting death of Dudley George and the federal government still refuses to recognize unceded Stoney Point Territory and self-determination.


Charges Dismissed

On May 8, 1997, charges of forcibly entering a park against Glenn George, Abraham and Roderick George, all cousins of Dudley George, were dismissed.

Roderick George also plead guilty to one charge of mischief. Roderick must pay the $692.33 repair bill and a $500 fine. He will also be on probation for 12 months, for smashing a window of a police cruiser in the first hours of the Stoney Point return to their territory, formerly known as Ipperwash Provincial Park.

Youth cleared of assault

On May 26, the youth charged with dangerous driving and assault with a deadly weapon (a schoolbus) was found not guilty. The schoolbus was driven between OPP officers and the Stoney Pointers, to end the beating of Kettle Point Band Councillor Bernard "Slippery" George by OPP officers. Bernard George received 28 cuts, bruises and areas of soreness to his body that night, Dr. Alison Marr from Strathroy Hospital testified during the youth's trial.

Judge A.M. Graham ruled that, "It is reasonable for (the youth) to assume that a breach of the peace was occuring and that Bernard George was being assaulted." Judge Graham also stated that attempting to stop the beating without using a vehicle would have been, "senseless and reckless."

Guilty of Protecting the Community

The moment of victory did not hold, however; later that day Glenn George was found guilty on four counts: two counts of assault, one of mischief and one of uttering a threat.

On June 27, 1995 Glenn removed "tire-slashers" -- six inch pointed stakes planted by military personnel in a roadway leading to Stoney Point burial grounds. When confronted by military personnel about removing the stakes, George ordered them to, "Get the fuck off our land!"

Later, in the morning of June 28, 1995, Glenn George, then Stoney Point liaison with the military personnel, was again set up in another confrontation over incidents of Stoney Pointers' tires being slashed.

George was sentenced with 15 months probation and 100 hours of community service.

Abraham George was found guilty of assault and plead guilty to one charge of mischief.

Deane sentencing in July

Acting OPP Sergeant Kenneth Deane, guilty of criminal negligence in the shooting death of Dudley George, returned to court from May 27 to June 2 for his sentencing. Several OPP officers and some personal friends of Deane's testified as character winesses.

Testimony based on a Victim Impact Statement was heard from Carolyn George, a sister of Dudley who was one of three people who drove him to the hospital after his fatal wounding by OPP bullets. Sam George, another sibling of Dudley's, as well as National Grand Chief Ovide Mercredi were also called to the stand, yet Dudley's own brother and Stoney Point resident, Pierre George, was told by the crown that he was not needed.

Pierre George, who was with Carolyn when they drove Dudley to the hospital on September 6, 1995, has spoken publicly on various occasions, yet he was not given the opportunity to tell how himself and Carolyn were brutalized and held by police when they arrived with Dudley at the nearest hospital.

Deane's sentencing will wrap up July 3, 1997.

Court proceedings will not resolve the many injustices committed against the Stoney Point People. Self-determination for Stoney Point on unceded territory MUST be recognized by the federal government.


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