Stoney Point Trial Update - Dec 24 / 96


Stoney Point First Nation #43 -- Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig

For Immediate Release - Tuesday, December 24, 1996

posted by J. Metcalfe


On Monday, December 23, 1996 the pre-trial against five members of the Stoney Point First Nation continued at 10 am in the Sarnia Provincial Court House.

Trial dates for the twenty-one charges the Stoney Pointers are still facing have been set for: March 10 & 11; March 24-27; May 6-9; and May 26-30, 1997.

There are three remaining charges of "Forcibly entering the Park" (Stoney Point). The Stoney Point pumphouse which must be maintained by the Stoney Pointers is located here; government documentation also verifies the Stoney Pointers' claims that their "Sacred Ceremonial Grounds" are located here.

Other charges the Stoney Pointers are facing include assault with a deadly weapon (a vehicle), assault causing bodily hard, mischief, failing to appear, damage to a vehicle over $5000, possession of a barrel-shaped weapon, and even one charge of possession of a piece of wood!

THE AAZHOODENAANG ENJIBAAJIG INDIGENOUS RIGHTS TO LIFE, JUSTICE, AND SELF-DETERMINATION CAN NO LONGER BE IGNORED. The struggle to gain respect and honour for these rights will continue to be waged in 1997. It is within the context of the Stoney Point People asserting their Indigenous rights to their territory that all of the charges have been laid as part of an overall campaign of criminalization and genocide.

Some of these charges stem as far back as June 19 / 95 as the Stoney Pointers assert their Indigenous rights to their Aazhoodena Territory. Many of the other charges relate to the September 6, 1995 confrontation when the police attacked the unarmed men, women, and children at Stoney Point resulting in the shooting death of Anthony O'Brien "Dudley" George.


For more information contact:
Marcia Simon
RR #1, Forest, Ont., Canada N0N 1J0
Phone: (519) 786-4052
Fax: (519) 786-6642

Five awesome Stoney Pointers no longer standing in a row.
One by one they face the judge as trial dates they now know:
March 10-11 and 24-27; May 6-9 and 26-30 will show
Justice for five Stoney Pointers who were standing in a row!
- Marcia F. Simon


As the Stoney Pointers are engaged in this life & death struggle for the survival of the Nishnaabe Bmaadziwin (way of life), they are denied recognition and basic human rights to welfare assistance, heat, telephone services, employment, protection, education, self-determination, and even in some cases to LIFE itself!

Mno-niibaa-namhaang! (Merry Christmas!)
Gdinmikaagoom! (Season's Greetings!)

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