Stoney Point Trial Update - Feb 24 / 97


Stoney Point First Nation #43 -- Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig

For Immediate Release - Monday, February 24, 1996

posted by Anti-Colonial Action Alliance


On Monday February 24, 1997 Ralph Brant, chief federal negotiator, is scheduled to meet with the Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig - The Stoney Point People.

In 1942 the War Measures Act was invoked and the Stoney Point People were removed with the understanding that at the end of the war they would be allowed to return to the Aazhoodena territory, previously known as Stoney Point First Nation #43. After the shooting death of Anthony O'Brien Dudley George in September 1995, the federal government announced its intentions to negotiate the handing over of the Stoney Point territory to the Kettle Point community.

In February of 1995 Ralph Brant was appointed the chief federal negotiator and since then has been meeting with the Kettle Point community (recently renamed Kettle and Stony Point). Stoney Pointers say that nothing can be negotiated before Canada's unfinished business is dealt with- the restoration of the Stoney Point community. Whether these meetings are sincere or not remains to be seen.

The Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig are continuing to rebuild their community in spite of all the strategies intended to fragment them, including negotiations with Kettle Point and simultaneously tying the Stoney Pointers up in court.

The Stoney Point trials are to resume in 2 weeks time, on March 10, at the Sarnia Provincial Court House. It is unfortunate that Stoney Pointers must expend their energies on meetings which distract from their efforts to raise funds for their defense.

To show solidarity with the Stoney Pointers in these struggles, supporters are invited to a benefit for the Stoney Point Legal Fund. Derek Miller, Rusty and Project 9 will play at the El Mocombo (College and Spadina) in Toronto on Friday, March 14.

To donate to the Stoney Point Legal Defense fund or for more information contact:

Marcia Simon
RR #1, Forest, Ont. N0N 1J0 Canada
Phone: (519) 786-4052
Fax: (519) 786-6642

Rock Against Racism and Anti-Racist Action (benefit organizers)
P.O. Box 291, Station B, Toronto, Ont. M5T 2T2 Canada
Phone: (416) 631-8835

In Toronto, tune into to "Radio Antifa", every other Monday night on CKLN 88.1 FM, the radio show that has the Heritage Front fuming!

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