Apr 08/97: Trial of OPP Officer Kenneth Deane


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Toronto Star
Tuesday, April 8, 1997
Peter Edwards, Staff Reporter

SARNIA -- A lawyer for the family of an Indian activist shot dead by the Ontario Provincial Police lashed out yesterday at the provinces special investigations unit for its handling of the case.

The family of Anthony (Dudley) George, 38, still doesn't know how many times he was hit by OPP bullets late at night on Sept. 6, 1995, because the SIU neglected to do forensic testing on his clothing, lawyer Delia Opekokew said yesterday.

And the SIU may have tampered with key evidence by handing back the OPP a rifle scope used in the fatal shooting, Opekokew said in an interview.

Her comments came after Ian Scott wrapped up his case yesterday in the trial of Acting Sergeant Kenneth Deane of the OPP.

Deane, who is charged with criminal negligence causing death, is slated to be the first witness for the defense today.

George was shot in the chest area but forensics expert Dr. Michael Shkrum said its impossible to tell from his examination of the body whether he was also hit in the leg.

Reddish brown stains by a portion of George's pants could be blood, but the SIU never tested them to see what they were, Shkrum said.

Opekokew also questioned why SIU investigators immediately handed back the laser gun-sight used by Deane in the fatal shooting to the OPP.

"That means that someone could have interfered with it, were it ever to be tested..." Opekokew said.

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