Jun 24/98: Ombudsman asked to probe Ipperwash case


The Province
June 24, 1998, p. A22
Canadian Press

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Toronto - a coalition seeking an inquiry into a fatal police shooting of a native protester is taking its case to the Ontario ombudsman. "All of the efforts we have made to get answers, to have an inquiry have been cut off and so we're forced to turn to the last resort...the ombudsman's office," Ann Pohl of the Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley George said yesterday. George was killed by police in September 1995 during a native protest over a burial ground at Ipperwash Provincial Park. A police officer was convicted of criminal negligence in the shooting. George was unarmed at the time.

His family alleges the premier's office directed police to use force against the natives and then launched a coverup of the facts. Premier Mike Harris has denied the interference. Pohl says ombudsman Roberta Jamieson has the authority to examine the government's role in the shooting, but "she cannot call a public inquiry."

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