Feb 7/98: Court support needed for Warren George


Stoney Point First Nation #43 -- Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig
Saturday February 7, 1998

Aazhoodena Territory - On Thursday February 12, 1998 at 10:00 a.m. the verdict for the trial of Warren George will be given at the Sarnia Provincial Court House. Warren George faces three charges: dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon (a car) which he received as he attempted to save the life of Bernard George who was being brutally beaten to death by the O.P.P.

Also on the same night of September 6, 1995, Waren's cousin, Anthony O'Brien "Dudley" George, was shot to death by O.P.P. officer Kenneth Deane who has been found guilty of criminal negligence causing death.

As early as September 7, 1995 the O.P.P. claimed that "the occupants of ... two vehicles fired upon the Police officers." It was later proven in the trial of Kenneth Deane that the O.P.P. lied and that at no time did the Stoney Point People have weapons in the park. The charges against Warren George are part of the ongoing efforts of the O.P.P. to cover up and justify their violent armed attack on the unarmed Stoney Point People.

Warren George has been continually criminalized in the media and the courts by being portrayed as armed and shooting at the police. Yet on the first day of his trial, the crown dropped the charges of possession of a firearm dangerous to the public peace and use of a firearm during an indictable offence because he had no reasonable grounds for prosecution.

It is within the context of the Stoney Point People asserting their indigenous rights to their territory that the charges against Warren George have been laid. To date over 100 charges have been laid against the Stoney Point People as part of an overall campaign of criminalization and genocide.

The Stoney Point People are calling on all their supporters to be prepared to protest if Warren George is convicted for saving the life of Bernard George.

Demand that the charges be dropped!
Support Warren George in the court room!

Thursday February 12, 1998 10:00 a.m.
Sarnia Provincial Court House
(Take highway 402 into Sarnia and turn right at Christina St. 700 N.)

For more information contact:
Marcia Simon 519-786-4052 or fax 519-786-6652 (messages)

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