Jun 24/98: Solicitor-General kept Ipperwash records


Globe and Mail
June 24, 1998

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Toronto - The Ontario Solicitor-General's Ministry has not destroyed any relevant records relating to the aboriginal occupation of Ipperwash Provincial Park in 1995, according to Solicitor-General Jim Flaherty. "I have been assured by the deputy minister that, in all of his inquiries and searches to date, he had found no evidence that any pertinent records have been destroyed," Mr. Flaherty told the legislature yesterday.

He also added that the deputy minister has also "indicated to me that the ministry has gone so far as to search the electronic mail backup system, and no responsive records have been found." Mr. Flaherty was responding to Liberal MPP Gerry Philips, who sought assurance that no records had been destroyed in the wake of a ruling by the provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner, which stated that the ministry had failed to look hard enough for records in answer to a request by The Globe and Mail.

The newspaper is seeking documents from Ontario Provincial Police Superintendent Ron Fox, who was special adviser on native affairs in the office of the deputy solicitor-general at the time of the Ipperwash incident, in which native protester Dudley George was killed by an OPP officer.

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