Stoney Point Trial Update - Oct 30 / 96


Stoney Point First Nation #43 -- Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig

For Immediate Release - Wednesday, October 30, 1996

posted by Anti-Colonial Action Alliance to sovernet-L

On Tuesday October 29, 1996 the pre-trial against five members of the Stoney Point First Nation was to occur at 10 a.m. in the Sarnia Provincial Court House.

However, because Colin Browne did not arrive, court was adjourned until 1 p.m. in the hopes that he could be reached. In the meantime, a message was received from Mr. Browne that he was no longer the Stoney Pointers' lawyer but relayed the request that proceedings be adjourned until December 11, 1996--a date which was suitable for the new legal team of Jeff House and Bob Kellerman. Pre-trial will now be held at 10 a.m. December 11.

The Stoney Point people are once again requesting full disclosures and copies of all pertinent reports including the Special Investigations Unit (S.I.U.) Report. The judge advised that this would have to be requested of the pre-trial judge on December 11, 1996. Further disclosures can be ordered at that time.

URGENT APPEAL FOR "STONEY POINT LEGAL FUND". Funds are still urgently required for travelling expenses from Toronto to Sarnia for the lawyers who are representing the Stoney Point Nishnaabeg in this whole process. Other related legal expenses are mounting and some of the remaining charges to be dealt with are the most serious of all the approximately 100 charges laid to date which vary from traffic violations, hunting charges, child custody cases to assault causing bodily harm and uttering death threats etc...

CANADIAN JUSTICE? CONTINUES-- No one has been charged for violating the 1825 and 1827 treaties. No one has been charged for shooting up, digging up, and violating the sacred Aazhoodena burial grounds. No one has been charged for conspiring to and for removing the Stoney Point People in 1942 nor for committing genocide against them. No one has been charged for the murder of Anthony O'Brien "Dudley" George!

THE AAZHOODENAANG ENJIBAAJIG RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION CAN NO LONGER BE IGNORED. Gaining respect and honour for this right to self-determination continues. It is within the context of the Stoney Point People asserting their Indigenous rights to their territory that all of the charges have been laid as part of an overall campaign of criminalization and genocide. (Approximately 50 down and 50 to go!)

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Marcia Simon, R.R. 2, Forest ON N0N 1J0
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Five determined Stoney Pointers standing in a row
At the pre-trial waiting; Coline Browne didn't show
How to get the SIU Report on December 11 they'd like to know
To defend those five Stoney Pointers standing in a row...

- Marcia F. Simon

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