May/95: Youth opposed to BC treaty process


Western Native News
May, 1997, p. 14
Ennis Morris

British Columbia's Native Youth Movement (NYM) is completely opposed to the treaty process currently being negotiated via government and Indian leaders. And to emphasize their beliefs more than 30 NYM members spent a couple of days and a night last month occupying the BC Treaty Commission (BCTC) office in Vancouver.

The NYM have stated that they consider a treaty process that promotes the loss of traditional lands, a treaty process of treason. They are intent on bringing an end to the ratification of last year's Nisga'a treaty agreement and say that should the deal go through, 92 percent of the Nisga'a traditional homeland will be lost forever.

The NYM has accused the British Columbia Treaty Commission of collaborating with "so-called Native leaders of the First Nation's Summit for the purpose of selling out the rights of Native youth throughout the province." With the assistance of Rene Taylor, an Aboriginal Services lawyer from Vancouver, the NYM had scheduled end of April meetings but the latter found a change in the date unacceptable because their out-of town members would not be allowed to participate.

The British Columbia Treaty Commission has suggested an alternative date near the end of May but the NYM have made it clear that if the meeting is to go ahead any and all members of the NYM must be permitted to attend.

Further information can be obtained from Monty Joseph at the NYM headquarters in Vancouver. Call (604) 493-3924

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