Oct 15/98: Why SISIS opposes the Nisga'a deal


Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (S.I.S.I.S.)
October 15, 1998

"The traditional leadership, along with ordinary Indigenous People, have been usurped by neo-colonial leaderships that are working with the settler governments to bring this aberration of settlement to a final solution."

- Saul Terry, President, Union of BC Indian Chiefs

"We young people fully understand that the BC Treaty process was designed to dispossess us youth of our aboriginal title to our lands and our inherent rights to resources contained within our territories."

- Native Youth Movement (NYM)

"From our point of view the Nisga'a model is a gross violation of the Nisga'a human rights as peoples within the meaning of international law, and we blame Prime Minister Chretien and Premier Clark for taking advantage of the unequal bargaining power between the parties to that treaty."

- Chief Arthur Manuel, Interior Alliance

"In early days we considered white chiefs like a superior race that never lied nor stole, and always acted wisely and honorably. We expected they would lay claim to what belonged to themselves only. In these considerations we have been mistaken, and gradually have learned how cunning, cruel, untruthful, and thieving some of them can be."

- Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe, May 10, 1911

"The land will be held in fee simple by the Nisga'a - The same kind of land ownership enjoyed by other landowners. the Nisga'a Government will function under the umbrella of federal and provincial legislation, just like other local governments. Generally, if there is a conflict between Nisga'a laws and those of Canada and British Columbia, the federal or provincial legislation will prevail. Good news for the economy, and prosperity for communities in northwestern BC. There's no vagueness about the Nisga'a Final Agreement. The Final Agreement is a full and final settlement of Nisga'a Aboriginal Rights."

- BC Government Information on the Nisga'a deal

"The purpose of the BC Treaty process is to legitimize the theft of our lands."

- Elder Lavina White, Haida Nation

For more information on the fraudulent BC Treaty Process, please visit: http://kafka.uvic.ca/~vipirg/SISIS/clark/switlo.html

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