Sep 11/98: APEC protesters support Ts'Peten Defenders


Jaggi Singh
Friday, September 11, 1998

Remember Gustafsen Lake!

The documents recently revealed about conduct at APEC by the Prime Minister's Office and the RCMP are obviously very incriminating, and more revelations will be coming in the next days and weeks.

However, for some broader context on the nature of our police state, I've written out below just a few quotes that came out at the trial of the defenders of Gustafsen Lake (Ts'peten Defenders) in northern BC in 1997. The defenders miraculously survived a RCMP siege of their land in the summer of 1995.

The quotes below confirm the real nature of the RCMP. It is important to remember that while the media and general public have been generally sympathetic to protestors who had their rights violated at APEC, the incredible story of Gustafsen Lake has been relegated to a simple law and order issue and summarily forgotten by the mainstream media. This is despite the incriminating quotes that follow, not to mention shocking physical and video evidence that point to excessive and unwarranted force by the RCMP that escalated into attempted murder of indigenous sovereignists and their supporters.

Keep in mind that it was Jean Chretien himself that authorized the use of tanks at Gustafsen Lake, a decision that escalated the conflict to a full-scale military siege. Moreover, BC's NDP Attorney-General, Ujjal Dosanjh, was in day-to-day, sometimes hourly, contact with the RCMP and approved of their tactics, which included the release of false criminal records to smear the Ts'peten Defenders. NDP Premier Glen Clark and Dosanjh have both publicly declared their support of the RCMP at Gustafsen Lake in a manner just as callous as Chretien's uncritical approval of the RCMP at sprAyPEC.

For more information about the police state tactics at Gustafsen Lake and elsewhere (such as at Ipperwash, Ontario), check out this comprehensive webite put together by Settlers in Support of Indigenous Sovereignty in BC:

Also, remember that for some time the supporters of the Ts'peten Defenders have been asking for a independent public inquiry into what happened at Gustafsen Lake. It's a request that the provincial NDP government has consistently ignored.

While the protestors at APEC, and their supporters, work hard in the next while to hold the Prime Minister, CSIS, RCMP, NSIS and others accountable for their wrongful actions last November, let's stand in solidarity and in active support with the Ts'peten Defenders who have been working hard for justice. Let's also not forget that as a result of police state tactics at Gustafsen Lake, William Jones Ignace (Wolverine) and James Pitawanakwat (OJ) remain in prison as prisoners of war and political prisoners of the Canadian state for their opposition to genocide and their desire to do something about it.

Some RCMP quotes from the siege at Gustafsen Lake

"Smear campaigns are our specialty."

"Is there anyone who can help us with our smear and disinformation campaign?"

"... kill this [Dr. Bruce] Clark and smear the prick and everyone with him."

"[RCMP Superintendent] Len [Olfert] strongly feels that there are a small group that will not give up [six warriors]. It will require killing the hardliners."

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